Really, February already?

I find it hard to believe we are officially in the second month of the year! This morning brings on some gray clouds here, but as I heard the roar of the recycle truck this morning I almost could have thought it thunder with our temps outside! No matter, it is Ohio and the weather will do whatever it will.

So how boring is that, second day of blogging and I am resorting to talking about the weather… how bout sharing the fact that today starts my Plant Based Nutrition class through ecornell. I am very excited for this to get started and really looking forward to learning more about what all this good greenness God gave us and what it can do to nourish and heal these bodies!!

Today is Wednesday, and I usually don’t work Wednesday’s because of HC, but my number is up, we will see how that goes.

The big thing swimming in my head and all over my desk is this weekends Wellness workshop. I don’t think I want to stretch it so far as to say this is like childbirth. I have been laboring over this for months (I am a procrastinator at heart, though) but I will say that sharing information to people about eating well and being well has always been a passion of mine, I’m a nurse it’s in my DNA, but I have been discouraged with medicine and handing out pills for symptoms and not treating what really is going on! This Saturday February 4th with the help of a small village, well my family, friends Lori, Greg and Carole, we will present a morning of eating fresh fun food, talk about pitfalls of the modern diet and the importance of rest, exercise and believing in the truths of scripture. 


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