Friday… and I choose groovy, not freaky Friday!

Soooo, I did start my e-cornell online class, well let’s say I started reading the first part and did some online discussions during breaks at work on Wednesday. I am excited to be doing a little more structured learning, just need to watch my deadlines!

Yesterday started the “great prep” for R3 Wellness Workshop that me and a few friends are “hosting” this Saturday… just a few friends are attending… say maybe 50? Yea, remember I said I am not freaking out! Lori has the count on those signed up and I thought we might get 20! I did “freak” this morning (so I guess that counts as Friday freaking!) when I woke from a dream in which no one came and I had to consume all the fresh veggies, tasty hummus, spring roll wraps with peanut sauce and don’t forget Banana Brittle aka banana “crack” oh my, kale chips too!  I recovered and decided if that happened, I would be knocking on a few doors, or start a Soul Smoothie “food truck!”

In the midst of this craziness yesterday I HAD to go for a run. It wasn’t an option. The sun and my running partner aka Jesus, were calling me to grab a few miles in the unusually beautiful February day. So shorts were the order of the day, and as I laced up my shoes I counted my blessings: choosing to take a 30 minute run to fuel me for the rest of the afternoon, listening to good music, and good words to fuel my mind too!! Talk about multi tasking, getting a little Vitamin D, and while a little tainted, some fresh air… yep I came home refreshed.

So today I choose not to freak. While I woke up early did a little “Bible listening” and I believe this really be one of those days of praying without an Amen till I lay my head on the pillow. I am excited to get to work with family and friends to share a passion for faith, food and fun with people tomorrow… I am one blessed veg head!

Now I must move on… laundry needs done, and well just a “few” other things. I would be remiss if I didn’t say a big thank you right now to my Momma who always inspires and is printing away as we speak, to my sister Cindy and my groovy brother-in-law Todd who worked on logo and cleaning up presentations and more! To my sister Diana who will step up and do all kinds of craziness in the next 24 hrs, and my Bro, Todd and his wife Sue who watch and wonder and support me well in all I do… great place to stay too when I go to Cbus!

Have a wonderful Friday and remember to  get in a good WORD/pray, breathe deep, eat some greens, get in a and move a little!



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  1. Susan says:

    We are always glad to have you stay with us and appreciate being able to crash at your place when we stay overnight, too.

    BTW – your healthy eating and lifestyle is not wasted on us. I have discarded a lot of junk in my diet and your brother has really taken to carrot juice.

    Thanks for being a positive role model.

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