Did I mention I am blessed?

I am surrounded by so many supportive people in  my life… I know that is what I ended my post with earlier today, although I forgot to mention Daddy, the one who fixes clogged sinks, busted lights and well whatever I don’t want to deal with really.

My family never ceases to surprise me. Today Mom shows up with all printed material carefully organized for the folders we will use on Saturday. She preps veggies and fruit, while I dash out for a run through. My older sister text to check on me and when she can show up to help. Greg, Lori, Carole and I do a run through, covered in prayer for all that we are trying to do. I am running on green smoothie, fruit and carrot juice and of course the excitement of the day.

Greg and I are getting ready to start on the wraps and I am chatting with Momma about what last minute thing I need, and she asked if my phone was working? I check the phone after we finish our chat and there are 4 messages that are pics of my little sister at Momma’s in well, real time! ahhh now I am freaking out, I know I said I wouldn’t, but this is my sister who is the one who started all this craziness… at least I like to blame it on her. I think the seed was planted, someone just had to kick it up. If you know my little sister, she likes to kick it up! She married a “Jones” so I am literally trying to keep up with the Jones’s. She is HERE!  Which really is awesome, and I know she will keep me on track. Thank you Todd (brother-in-law Todd) for letting your wife and the 4 of the 5 kiddo’s to join us this weekend, for me it is really Super “bowl… of veggies” weekend!

So Momma, Greg, Lori, Livvy (niece) and both my sisters were here to help prep, clean up and laugh. Of course my brother Todd called to check on all of us and make sure we were on track! Pops was back at main hacienda to watch the littles aka Tori 4, and Nova Joy 2, not sure they would have been much help over here, but sure can’t wait to get some time with those two and see Garret.

So the Soul is packed with some goodies. I quit looking at notes and trusting on what I know, and praying for wisdom, guidance, truth and fun!

Thank you to Greg for all his work on the set up and using all his project management skills to keep this veg head on track. Lori thanks for being a constant calm saving our crazy times for well, tea and…. drinking it! 🙂 To my friend Carole who is so professional, fun and another wonderful blessing to share.

Looking forward to sharing some good things tomorrow and I can’t WAIT to eat this food! If I don’t show up tomorrow you all will know what happened… either the rapture, or I took off down the road and ate all the food  along the way!



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