Oh I so apologize for not getting anything on here sooner to let you all know the progress, the result and the recap of the R3 Wellness Workshop!

This will be quick too as I must run off to my “day job” all too soon!

As I said on Friday I would not “freak out”… I did! Only because my younger sister Cindy showed up! She really has been the instigator, motivator behind me digging deeper into the food connection and health. She is one of my biggest fans, and she keeps me honest! Well she surprised me and  was here to help with prep on Friday night and there at the workshop all day serving answering questions etc.. Of course she brought 4 of her 5 kiddos which means after the workshop it turned into family time! Which was wonderful, but kept me from blogging!

I am totally bummed right now because pictures aren’t loading… like I said though I wanted you all to know that Saturday was wonderful! I get so excited sharing with people that they can take control of their health! I can’t say enough thank you’s to Greg, Lori Zastrow, and Carole Smith who shared also at the workshop. My Momma and my sister’s who served and did clean up! They are amazing!!

The response was positive, I don’t think people went home hungry after all the goodies we gave them!

A few comments from evaluation forms that I pray people will stick with are:

“NO MORE DIET POP!”  this was enough to make my day!

“Less processed food” yea it is a start!

“Plan ahead for better snack options”

There is so much more to share… and I will. I just want to say thank you to all those who came on Saturday, for wanting to take care of yourself, and take control of your health. I challenge you all to use the resources we gave you and find our even more of what being all God has planned for you to be!

Have a groovy Monday!


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