A little Saturday wrap up!

  Friday fun preps where full of kitchen craziness as we mixed up dips, wrapped up veggies and collated papers all to prepare for R3 Wellness Workshop that was held at Apex Community Church on Saturday!

It really was fun although it took until today for me to get my kitchen floor clean, it was all worth it! I think everyone enjoyed the food especially!

The “stage” was set for the participants… although a little chilly! I think at this point of the morning I wasn’t even sure if I had everything, but was totally trusting that God would give me words, wisdom, and wit. It was so groovy to get a text from my brother telling me it was okay to tell everyone I was nervous! I was grateful to have my Momma and both my sisters around to keep me from spinning :). It was about 2 years ago that I held a little food workshop in my home, but nothing of this scale… how exciting!

Smoothie action in the kitchen compliments of Cindy Foster Jones… yep my “baby” sister. So glad she came to join the fun and to answer some questions from our guest! I don’t have a picture of my beautiful Momma and older sister who also worked to serve, smile calm me down and make me laugh! They did such an awesome job keeping everyone fed and kitchen cleaned! I am blessed!

Every time I hear Carole share her story of battling cancer I can’t help but cry. She was one of my first friends at work when we flew with CareFlight, and she continues to be an inspiration. God has done a mighty work in her, and so glad she listened and made healthy choices for eating and lifestyle changes!

A break for the crowd to mingle and move. A few comments we received… “All the food was amazing” ~”love the spring roll wraps for lunch idea” ~Greg spoke of God’s love and being good stewards of all that He has given us. That includes the bodies that we are blessed with and caring for them to the best of our ability by making good choices in all things to renew, revive and refresh our lives.

Does anyone from the conference remember Lori saying that she had tried lots of new veggies and likes them… however she still wasn’t sure about brussel sprouts, but that she might give them a try sometime. I only wish I had a picture of the face that she made all while saying this.

So my Mom and Diana had to stop at the store due to the added number of mouths to feed for the weekend. They decided it was about time Lori gave brussel sprouts another try.

Momma cleaned, cut the cuties in half, sprinkled a little olive oil, sea salt and pepper and roasted those little gems up in a toasty oven at 400 degrees for about 30 min.

Well… what is the verdict Lori? She likes them… “hey Mikey” she likes them! Who wouldn’t? I too was surprised that these little gems were so tasty. I remember them being slimy little “balls of mush.” But one of the keys to eating well is giving some greens a chance! Keeping food from being overcooked too!

So all in all the R3 Wellness Workshop was what this writer would call a success! We had interest from 50 people and a total of 39 showed up. I’m happy with that number. Each person that was there was meant to be of that I am sure. I am thankful for all of them for choosing to explore a better way to living out a healthy lifestyle.


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