Too much sitting… but worth it

So today was spent catching up on my ecornell Plant Based Nutrition class, laundry and I just had to go for a very short run.

I am really enjoying the information from the class and this is only the first section. I already knew that there were big differences between animal protein and plant protein, but getting the scientific facts behind it and learning even more has made the day of sitting worth it. For instance, you cannot get complex carbohydrates from animal products, and guess what folks we need complex carbohydrates! That is what fuels us.

Here is another one…  and I will apologize for speaking of the “colon” but hey I am a nurse and people need to be educated about the second biggest organ of the body; skin is number one in case you were wondering. Can you get fiber from meat? No. Do you need fiber? Absolutely! We wonder why we are seeing an increase in IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) colon cancers and the like. We aren’t eating fiber. Fiber can “sweep” through our colon and clean out some of the junk we have put in there. So since we don’t eat fiber that McD’s “hamburger” on a processed food bun sits in there and causes disease! So where do you get the much needed fiber? Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, some beans and legumes! You don’t get it from metamucil, well you can but really wouldn’t you rather have an apple? I know I would, it taste better and provides me with other groovy stuff that my body knows what to do with.

I really could go on with a few other “rants” of things I learned today, but I am tired of being in front of the computer. I think it is time to divert my energy to a more movement oriented activity. Oh and I will leave you with this cartoon… doubt this would ever be

According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s China Study rural China residents who ate a high plant based diet had cholesterol level range of 90-170 and guess what they eat more calories, more complex carbs then we do… hmmm… think on that tonight.


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