Water drink, hydrate splurge, water!

When people ask me “what do you drink” and I say water… really that’s all? Well I do drink tea an occasional cup of coffee… I have also been known to sip a more adult type beverage, but really WATER!! Why? because my body needs it!

Our bodies are made up roughly of 70-90% of water, depending on our age. As we age we have less water. This isn’t totally scientific, but my thoughts some of that reason is that we don’t drink enough water. Oh sure there is something as over hydration but when you hear of this it is an extreme case. Most people just aren’t well hydrated, and everything, every organ in our body needs water to function at it’s best.

Your body needs water: It hydrates your muscles, helps “move things through,” keeps your kidneys flushed, not to mention the benefits to the biggest organ of your body; skin, well hydrated skin looks better isn’t dry and feels better! Increasing your water intake can help loose weight.

People can loose up to 2-3 liters of water a day depending on activity level and the temperature in which they live. So we need to replenish. How much? At minimum for men 2 Liters, women 1.9 Liters. I know the saying has been 8, 8oz. glasses a day, but there is no exact amount. The truth is it depends on how much you use your body. Don’t wait till you are thirsty to drink though, this is already a sign that you need some water!

Side effects of not enough water are headaches, tiredness, achy joints, GI (gastrointestinal upsets or disorders) increase in allergic reactions, nothing to flush toxins out! Kidney infections or stones, hypertension… YUK!! I stop at headache! give me a drink please!!

This was supposed to be a quick post, but hey, I am passionate about my water. This was all inspired by this little gem I discovered this past summer: Coconut Water! Well it is “my soda.” It’s a splurge drink! I don’t have the privilege of being able to go out and crack a coconut for this great hydrator AND electrolyte replacement, but Kroger and Health Foods Unlimited in my area have it on sale right now, and it is easier to open then a coconut! This stuff is good! There is a debate as to whether it is a replacement drink like gatorade (which I don’t endorse) after heavy workout, but I can tell you it does contain a good amount of potassium which is lost when sweating a lot! Most of us really don’t exercise enough to need a replacement type drink, think high intensity for over an hour, regular water will do fine, but really if you want a treat, go for this! Yesterday I used it in my smoothie with pineapple, banana, flax seed and spinach! I digress we are speaking on water!

So drink your water! Here are some ways to help you remember:

  • Start the day with a drink, even before the honored coffee. I keep a glass by my bedside ready for me to drink before I even leave the bedroom
  • Carry a bottle with you… always! you won’t find me many times without the “bottle”
  • If your tap water needs filtered, buy one, don’t buy expensive bottled water
  • Keep a glass sitting beside you
  • Drink a glass before each meal
  • Set a timer on your watch or phone to remind you
  • Make sure to drink a couple of glasses before a workout and during

Remember don’t wait till you are thirsty! If you are out working in the elements, or working out, you are going to need more water. Headache is one of the signs of dehydration. Often that afternoon slump you are feeling could be rejuvenated by a glass of water better then a cup ‘o caffeine! Try it and let me know how you feel!

So go tip a glass to the day ahead!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Susan says:

    Whenever anyone has a health complaint, my first advice is to drink lots of water. Generally good advice for whatever ails ‘ya. Also, I have found that, by drinking more water, I drink less coffee and soda.

  2. zebveg says:

    Ditto Susan! I knew I could count on you to support me on this band wagon!!

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