To roast! oh yes

Roasted Cabbage… a story of yumminess!

I am not sure how I “heard” or read about roasting cabbage, but to whomever that may have been I am quite thankful! This is one of those little treats that I have enjoyed recently and decided I must share!

This can be made as a side for dinner, a snack, a meal, a late night treat! All you need is a head of cabbage. I have used both green, white and purple! So whatever you have around, or picked up from the farmers market is perfectly acceptable. A little olive oil, or if you are watching oil intake use a a dash of white balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. That’s it! I am sure if you wanted to get fancy you could, but really this is one of those taste that you want to savor the sweetness the cabbage takes on in the roasting!

Slice up the cabbage in 1/4 slice, similar to slicing bread. Place on a sheet pan, toss with oil, salt and pepper (balsamic vinegar if you like)

So here we go into a preheated oven of 425 degrees (oven temps may vary) let it go for about 15 minutes then you will need to check on it, and you will want to do some tasting 🙂

oh, roasted goodness!

 As you can see thinner slices will be browning.  At this point it is perfectly acceptable and highly recommended that you pick the said browning pieces out and pop them in your mouth for a little munching as you turn the rest of the slightly thicker pieces for continued cooking. About another 15-20 minutes. That’s a total of approximately 35 minutes.

So by the time it makes it to my plate I have munched away on the crispy parts pretty well! I so enjoy the slight sweetness the cabbage takes on, with the added salt it’s like a little tango on the tongue as it dances down alternating with crunchy and soft. As you can see, this was a solo night for the cabbage as I just had to munch on this alone, enjoying the differences in texture and taste till the plate was clean!

So won’t you give some roasted cabbage a try… talk about inexpensive little gem too! I got my little head of cabbage from my man at the market for $1.25!

Hmmm, wonder how roasted cabbage would be for breakfast! just kidding!


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