Saturday… what are you doing?



When I was a little girl Saturday’s usually started with Cherrio’s and cartoons. Unless it was a weekend at my Dad’s and then I got Fruit Loops! Now I shudder at my choice of cereal, but hey… “you’ve come a long way baby” oh wait that was a cigarette commercial! I really couldn’t tell you what else I might have done on the big day, probably roller skating, building a back yard fort, or obstacle course, or some other crazy adventure with my bf Toni the next door neighbor.

As I got older Saturday’s took on a different spin of band stuff, cleaning house, catching up on home work, and in my later teens, my first job at the Knothole in downtown WC had me at work by 6 a.m. to open up and start serving up fried eggs, bacon and hot black coffee to the paper mill workers. Oh yes, I have spent my time in the “greasy spoon business!” Saturday even may have been a date or two, more likely hanging out time with friends.


yes this is my college dorm! ole Burnam Hall! my home for 3 years!

well Saturday’s were a whole new world of laundry, being in sweats all day or traveling to friends places, watching football and all the usual fun of college life that packs on that extra poundage! Oh sure there were times of hiking, biking even a few runs, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit to the beer and pizza diet that I had too. Saturday’s were good days with friends.

Saturday’s as an adult took on a whole new meaning. Sleep in, slipping back into watching cartoons and eating cereal except cartoons were not so good any more, what happened to the Tom and Jerry? Soon I was out riding bikes all over the hillsides of Kentucky on Saturdays with my friends, then eating all I wanted after.

Of course as a nurse Saturdays can be just another work day… so weekends loose there special place in the week. As a traveler Saturdays were just another day. I worked or I was off, and I was exploring what I could, wherever I was on “that Saturday.” The furthest I lived, Ketchikan Alaska many fun Saturday adventures were had in that little town with only 13 miles of paved road and a population of around 1,300 when I lived there… during cruise time that number would double easy in a day as the cruise ships pulled in… but that is a story for another day


Now Saturday’s (I work a rare nursing job that I only work a Saturday every 8 weeks!) are like a blank slate, with potential. Often I wake up to whatever “noise” gets me there either in my head, or out the window. I actually like to get up early on the weekends… to make the morning last longer, linger, let the day unfold before anyone has any expectations of me, or me of the day!

Thought I would share my day yesterday, a day of fun, fellowship, rest and reward! Carrot juice and tea are what fuel me as I grab the keys, an apple and head out the door for the market, yep the sun is shining and it’s 32 windy degrees, but the market beckons me for a refill on honey, greens and of course people watch!

"the kale man"

It’s always good to see familiar faces… and of course they remember you! This guy has some good kale even now! For a buck a head you can’t go wrong, smoothies, salads and kale chips for such a good price!

I see some roasted cabbage in my future! $1 for the beauty up front!

This is one of my other favorite stops. As I approach the table I noticed my “usual guy” is absent today. A month ago he was absolutely shining ear to ear smile due to the birth of his first grand baby, maybe that is were he is today. So I fill my bag with the usual $2 bag of spinach, a portabella mushroom, some grapes and a head of cabbage!

I run into a few other friends as I wonder through smelling the food, checking out some changes in vendors, and relishing how different the market is in the cold days of winter. I check my “market money” I am very happy for this spot of change so that I can enjoy a hot cup of roobios mint tea for the ride home. Pick up my local big jar of honey on the way out and I am thankful Dayton has this little oasis at the edge of the city.

The ride home I listen to NPR on the radio… “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” crazy humor is background noise to the thoughts in my head of going for a run. I somewhat dred the run with the wind, and the contemplating the fact that when I went 3 days ago when it was near 70 out I felt like a disconnected body, never finding my rhythm. I remind myself it’s a new day. I make a small spot of oatmeal (just enough to fuel the run) and catch up on e-mail, and I am out the door…

dressed for success!Yes the wind was fierce, but as a friend reminded me, it is only 25 % of the run… sure 🙂 but the day was made for a run, and it felt good pushing first against the wind, then against myself! Listening to some Thousand Foot Krutch to spur me on, I always enjoy when the lyrics come on “move, just move” as I am going up hill! 4 miles felt good. I enjoyed checking out the promise of real spring as there were buds on trees, sprouting crocus and other such greeness coming alive!

Speaking of greens… recovery green!This was my refuel drink! and of course lots of water. I made a smoothie with a handful of spinach, handful of arugala (fresh from the market) some Vega Sport recovery powder, 2 TBS aloe vera juice, 2 TBS flax seed, 1 frozen banana and coconut water! This, some stretching, and a shower and I was on to the next task of Saturday!

It was time to throw in a load of uniforms aka laundry for the week and buckle down to listen to Dr. Esselstyns’ lecture on Heart Disease “the toothless tiger” as he likes to call it!  This man is tough, and he says there is not  a thing as moderation when it comes to heart disease, you need to attack it with all that you have. If you want to live without the threat of heart attack, stents and bypass surgery, you need to be serious about what goes in your mouth! The science is there, it is profound, and if you have not watched “The Last Heart Attack” available on CNN website for free, I highly encourage you to do so. I also needed to get busy on a little Bible Study for class in the a.m.

As evening rolls in, I am off to one of my favorite weekend times… weekend gathering, with other like minds at Apex Community Church. It’s a time to reflect, learn, worship, confess, repent, renew and wonder at all that God has done, is doing and will do for those that know Him and those that are lost. A time to see people take a leap of faith and their lives are never the same. A time to sing even if you sing off key, and to know that someday we will all sing with the angels too!

This week after gathering I went out with Greg and Lori for a little bit to eat and to catch up on the week! We like to make waiters crazy at restaurants asking for anything other then the norm on the menu; sides of veggies, steamed not sauteed in butter, no extra salt, crazy stuff like that! Lori orders water with half ice and lemon; Greg no ice with lime; me, no ice and the waiter says “do you want lemon, lime and maybe an orange slice too?” sure whatever you want to add would be great! I don’t think he was being sarcastic, but who knows! He brought all three like a little circus on my glass! See even picky eaters can eat well out in public. We had a great waiter, great fellowship and yes he may talk about us later, but we tip well, and everyone always needs a good story to tell I don’t mind leaving someone with one to tell!  oh did I mention Greg spilled his water, crashing into my said 3 ring circus water? yea, my jeans were still wet when we left the place…  Sorry Greg, had to add it!

So all in all a pretty slow Saturday. A Saturday of no plan, but yet sprinkled with friends and full of God’s groovy goodness…


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  1. Looking forward to reading more. Great article.Much thanks again. Really Great.

  2. Kendal Muro says:

    I am so grateful for your post post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

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