Commitments… I have issues!

This is confession time. I believe I have commitment issues. Really? Anyone who knows me is laughing right now! Truly, I am not the best planner because that takes committing to “specific time/place etc.. I did travel nursing for five years because I didn’t know where I wanted to live! Well, there were other percs to that indecisiveness.

I remember when I bought my washer and dryer. My Mom said, I guess you are staying for a while because that’s a commitment! 🙂 Gotta love Mom!

Why am I going on about commitment? Because I committed to writing this blog and I have been absent for a week! I had procrastinated for as long as possible. No one has forced me to do this, and frankly I am not even sure how much this is or will get read. For me, it was something that I had wanted to do for a while, and with my growing passion about all things wellness and food related, I felt people needed to be informed on how to live well eat well. I wanted to get the word out in some way, big or small!

I am confessing that I am struggling. There have been days I have wanted to write, and yet nothing comes out, or my thoughts are so jumbled with all the information that I do want to say, I say nothing!

I go back to when I first wrote in my creative writing class and I am giving you a “download” as Dean described. Just what is in my head… something to possibly clear the cobwebs and jump-start me to get back on track!

I have finished my E-Cornell Plant Based Nutrition class, YEA! which has consumed a nugget or two of time. I am so thankful that I will still have some access to this course for a few short weeks as it went by fast. In this last section we went over label reading, nutrition in the medical clinic, food production and environmental concerns, nutrition in the public school system, plant-based nutrition and the elite athlete, supplements… just to name a few! That is a lot of information in 2 weeks and it really is only scratching the surface!

There where online discussions and videos to watch and all this has only confirmed my commitment that a diet of Whole Food Plant Based foods is really the way to go for so many reasons. I realize my omnivore friends are rolling their eyes right now, and if you must I will give you an occasional piece of meat… maybe, like once a month, but I don’t want to stand idly by while non-food, mad made processed “junk” is killing those I love around me! We really have fallen for  the imagery of the advertising to allow non foods to be consumed in the way that we as a society are doing.

Just as I have committed to my once a week e-mail to my R3 Wellness attendees (by the way if you would like to be on the mailing list, please give me your e-mail address), I am publicly making a commitment to write more here! At least twice a week if not more. Even if no one is listening, I enjoy the writing, but I really do hope you will come back, read more and continue to make choices for better living!

I am going to leave you with few thoughts from my lecture concerning healthcare and diet:

America is a constipated nation, you pass small stools, you have large hospitals.” Denis Burkitt, MD

I think it’s ironic that the health agencies responsible for protecting our health are, in effect, destroying our health and shortening our lives. A million and a half people are dying each year prematurely because their food supply is poisoned with excess fat and cholesterol.” Nathan Pritikin, Nutritionist

I don’t understand why asking people to eat a well-balanced vegetarian diet is considered drastic, while it is medically conservative to cut people open and put them on cholesterol-lowering drugs for the rest of their lives.” Dean Ornish, MD


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