Hey! My name is…

Me eating a gigantic s'more a year ago. Yummmmmmmm!

Hey! My name is Olivia, I’m 14, from TN, and just an all around amazing person. For those on FaceBook, I’m the one who is constantly posting statuses from Debbie’s profile about delicious bacon & becoming a butcher. That’s right, I’m a omnivore. (GASP!) I was happily scanning through my Aunt’s blog when, to my surprise, she asked me if i would like to “guest blog”… sure, what the heck?:)

My mom, Cindy, became a vegetarian a couple years ago, and to my shock and horror, we had more and more healthy meals showing up at the table. I went through the normal stages of withdrawal and starvation, though in the end I gave in and started eating more healthy foods, though I will neveeeeer drink carrot juice, no matter how sick or dying I am. My friends think It’s pretty freaky that my mom makes “green smoothies”, and I’ve officially banned her from bringing any of her food to any parties. And even though some of her food literally looks like crap, I’ve embraced the more healthy style of living, mostly because I spend a lot of time playing sports and being active.

Me being a beast:) haha

A few weeks ago, when I was doing the 30 Hour famine, (a fundraiser that helps starving kids) when my mom gave me a few veggie juices to drink before a big basketball game, because I couldn’t eat without breaking my fast. It was just the boost I needed to get me through the game! And even though I occasionally eat BigPals with a large FrenchieFry & a sweet tea, I rarely drink soda or eat candy, to my mom’s heart’s delight. And Aunttie Deb, even though I make fun of you constantly,I really do admire what you do!!<3<3



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim Magella says:

    Love the post, Olivia!!!

    1. zebveg says:

      She did do a good job Kim, of course I told her never say never… hopefully I will be able to remind her of that when she drinks carrot juice for the first time šŸ™‚ happy eating! hey, how did your crackers turn out!

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