Going the “extra mile”


I know I just posted about running, however today is kinda of a blog 5K kind of day. I got a notice from the blogger world about doing a 5K and posting about it!

So here it is, sometimes you just have to run! Today was one of those days. The last few months I have been learning under the wisdom of Jason Zastrow on how to go deeper in studying the Bible. It has been great, but I have missed my Sunday morning runs. Normally I go to church on Saturday nights, and there is something about a run on a Sunday morning that is it’s own kind of worship.

So today I put on the shoes, sunglasses, favorite running shorts and plugged in the tunes and out the door I went. What a great morning! The breeze was less then it has been lately, the sun was peeking out and the temperature was just right, empty roads and miles to enjoy!

The picture I admit is not from today… but I like it, it shoes my happy feet. This was one of those days I felt like I could run forever… or until I collapsed. So instead of doing the obligatory 3.1 miles for the wwwp5k, I went one more mile… one more step, pushing just a little more to stretch my muscles and my mind! Thanks running friends! Here is hoping that we all make a commitment to moving a little more for the good of your body and our minds!


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