“whatever Aunt Debbie would make”

The graduate!

Earlier in the week I received a text from my sister Diana. She had asked her soon to be graduate, Zach what he wanted to eat at his graduation open house? “Whatever Aunt Debbie would make.”

I would be lying if I didn’t say this warmed my heart, brought a smile to my “green lips.” Only to be followed later in the week by my other sister Cindy posting on facebook that at breakfast her youngest (almost 3) asked “Mommy, I want sum vegbulls.”

When I told the girls at work what my nephew had said, one of them commented, “does he want to keep his friends?” I am pretty used to those kind of comments… and by the way, the co-worker who said that, yep she drinks green smoothies now!

Next week my family and I will celebrate Zach’s graduation! Yes there will be a good amount of healthy food. My family has always been big veggie and fruit eaters, only now we will add some real tasty dips, hummus, kale chips, “cheeze-it’s who knows what else? Sure we will have cake too, although I am working on a cupcake option with cashew icing for those of us who dare to venture into tasty territory of another dimension!

Today I spent some time prepping and making a few things ahead.

These were a new recipe. Supposed to be “lace cookies” fail, but edible… maybe not for the party however! lol

Can’t have a party without chips!! So here are same smoky spicy Kale Chips dehydrating!

On the left are soaking chickpeas to make a few tasty flavors of hummus! oh yea!! Yes it takes a little extra effort to soak and cook your own chickpeas, but oh so much cheaper! On the right are soaking buckwheat groats, which I am still deciding whether I will make cereal, granola or some other mouth pleasing healthiness!

I didn’t get as much done as I wanted in the kitchen, I dream big, and time runs out! Being in the kitchen I get in a zone. Packing up food for the 12 hour workday. Hummus, veggies, salad, fresh farmers market strawberries oh my! Toasting pumpkin seeds, trying out new recipes even when they fail!

I did other groovy fun stuff too today, like an early run, lunch with the ‘rents, grocery shopping, toured on old house with some friends, laundry… you get it, the things we call life!

Now I am enjoying downtime, and praying that I can put off turning on the air conditioning for at least one more night!




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