Sweat on… reader beware it gets “smelly”


Today I wanted to go for a run. By the time I rolled out of bed (I didn’t get there till 3 a.m., gotta love that 2nd shift!) I knew that I would be facing a bright hot sun as I hit the pavement, I knew I would heat up quick, sweat a lot, but again a girls gotta do what she’s gotta do!

Our sweaty smilesls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

As I worked to get my breathing right in the heat, I started thinking about the weekend and the 5K run I did; Heart for Honduras Orphan run. It was hot, the first mile a struggle and the sweat flowing fast. At the end I was greeted by Zoe, my niece, Zach my nephew and Greg my house church leader/friend.

We were all sweaty, red faced and I am sure a sweet sweat smell that I couldn’t register in my joy… but we were all smiling and congratulating each other on a goal accomplished! It was more than just a run, but at that moment, it was the idea of finishing well!

What I couldn’t stop thinking about today though was the sweat!  Yep I said it sweat, you know the thing that as the temperature rises we all avoid. We stay inside in the air condition fear of sweating a little and soiling a shirt, or worse yet emitting a smell that someone might notice! We cover it with sweet smelling perfumes, or overdose in cologne. People we were made to sweat! As I was running today I realized that in some weird way, I actually enjoy sweating (okay maybe not all the time.) I do hot yoga, why? to sweat, to help my body rid itself of toxic build up! We sweat to cool our body, we were designed to sweat… so sweat on!!

Sweating actually opens pores and allows cleaning to happen. Of course you need to clean up in the near future so as not to “clog up” again, but sweat has actually been shown in studies to help fight e-coli, yep you know the thing that shows up every once in the news as a nasty outbreak! I know when I stayed at http://www.tentandbreakfastalaska.com/Across_the_Bay/Welcome.html  they only had a sauna by the creek as a way of bathing. You sat in the little hut sauna with a bucket of creek water and sweat until the water in the bucket heated up then sponged off with some good castile soap like Dr. Bonner’s,  when the heat seemed too much you would go rinse off in the glacier feed cold creek, you would come out squeaky clean, purple lipped and smelling all the better.

Sweat lodges are something that some Native Americans still practice. While these are often spiritual journey’s they are combined with health benefits and offer a cleansing for both mind and body. Of course our modern version of this is the sauna! Now that is something I would like to have in my house! 🙂 but alas I will just get my sweat on outside!

We cover up our pores with chemical laden deodorants that trap toxins in. We stay inside, we keep our windows up on our cars, we keep all things “in” including the bad. Then we wonder why we feel sick and sluggish in the middle of the summer!

One of my best memories of the summer are sweating on a bike ride or run,

During the Clemens Cycle for Cancer ride this past Saturday

then riding home with the windows wide open singing loud and proud sometimes with my nieces and nephews cooling off in the breeze! Now that is the way to sweat and cool off!

Zach and Zoe at the finish!

So go out and get your sweat on! Work it up good… oh and the smell? yes, you smell, it is directly linked to the food you have eaten! The more stinky, the possibility of the more toxic food your body is working to get rid of.  Ever smelled the locker room of a meat eating football team?  or maybe in my case you ate way too much garlic scape pesto again, all cleansing smells and you have the privilege of a shower here in America!

Get your sweat on, or as my Momma says, glisten and shine, get red faced and glow!! Embrace the smell, then take a nice cool shower and know that you did your body and soul good!

Sweat on my friends!!


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