Apple addiction, obsession or just call me Eve?


I am confessing, I am professing I am obsessing over apples. Not just any apple, but organic Fugi apples. Sunday was my first day without my fix of a fugi. I had run out and not made it to the store. On the road trip back from taking Jones’ kids to their ‘rents, the cravings started for a juicy, crisp fugi apple. My usual stash of one in my bag was absent. I wanted an apple, it wasn’t long before I had myself convinced I needed an apple as if my very taste palate would not be complete without it. I really didn’t want to go to the store when I got home, but this girl neeeeded  her fugi fix ! As I rode in the back seat of my parents van, I quickly grabbed my phone to check and see if the healthier grocery store would be open. I had already tried Kroger earlier in the weekend and there were no fugi’s. YES! score Earthfare was open till 9 and that was the last place I had purchased my apples.  I departed my parents van and quickly took off in my car. I started thinking of the first bite… the juiciness, oh I was EVE! tempted by the fruit! I got to the store and tried to keep from running in looking like a crazed women. I controlled my steps, well at least I walked fast. I got to the apples and my heart fell to the floor! I had to control my gasp that was seeping out my lips of despair as there were NO organic fugi apples. Yes they had regular but quickly I imagined all kinds of chemicals lurking in said apple and remembering the last time I had non organic, the total lack of taste other then something like plastic. I was desperate for the crunch of my desired apple. The only organic apples were the Granny Smith. I eyed the green globes, oh what to do. I contemplated them, picked up one… maybe it would do, it would be crunchy, tart but a little sweet, I quickly put it in my basket. I had already spent a good 5 minutes standing in mourning over the apples. I toured the store, still in a stew about the apples, I was obsessing, one could say even pouting! I started imagining the taste, the texture of the granny smith and before I could stop myself I was half running to put the apple back! I just couldn’t betray my first “like.” No apples went home that day, praying that on my day off Tuesday I would find said Fugi bliss at the other health food grocery.

Tuesday is here. A friend and I ran a few errands together which included a trip to the health food store. I had casually mentioned I wanted some Fugi apples. I was trying to maintain coolness with her, although she knows how crazy I can be. I casually eyed the apples, but soon I had the lower lip puckered out as I could not see one Fugi apple to be had. It took every ounce of energy to not fling myself on the floor in protest (okay a little exaggeration). I eyed the selection and settled on cameo’s, they would have to do. I was going to spend a weeks worth of gas looking for my fugi’s that, well, probably are not in season right now.

I sunk my teeth into the cameo, praying for some semblance of goodness that I desired. At first I was happy, but then I started that ever judgemental critiquing I can do with food. While there was crispness the apple was also what I could only describe as mealy. I wanted so much to enjoy it, however in my heart I almost felt a little cheated, or a cheater 🙂

Cameo’s will have to suffice this week as I bought 5. You see I really do believe an apple a day does me good, sometimes 2!

I was hooked on Gala’s while I lived in the south, a good crunchy sweet apple. Somewhere in the not so distant past I found the Fugi apple. If only I had the proper words to describe this temptation! Dare I say too, you cannot skimp, you MUST go organic on this, as with any apple for fear you will be assaulted with the fake shiny tough skin that is laden with things I desire not to enter my body, not to mention the lack of real taste!

The Fugi is a mix of complex sweetness that isn’t over the top. The meat is never mushy unless it has sat too long, which never happens at my house. They are just juicy enough to likely dribble or spurt juice with each delicious bite, which kinda makes me feel like a kid. I eat these tasty globes past the core. Or as my Dad says as I fling the said core out the car window, I leave nothing for a critter to nibble on. I admit to sometimes eating a few seeds, even though I know they contain traces of arsenic :).

I am an apple snob. This I know!

Last year at the Farmer’s Market a local grower of beautiful apples was able to convince me, after I shared that Fugi where my favorite, to try the smattering of varieties through the season. He did not lead me wrong and weekly I exchanged my  5 greens (aka $5) for his red bushel of goodness. As the season led into fall and cider was being served up, I knew it wouldn’t be long and I would be back to my old faithful Fugi.

Alas I am in withdrawal though. It is the beginning of July. No local orchard man to be seen at the market as yet, and no organic Fugi are gracing any local grocery market in my area. Cameo’s will have to suffice this week as I bought 5. You see I really do believe an apple a day does me good, sometimes 2!

I really can’t say when my obsession with apples started. Maybe I get it from my ancestor Eve, although no one knows for sure that it was an apple that was the tempting fruit, but after my quest for my well adored Fugi the last few days, I believe it could have been.


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