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How’s that for a title? It’s Wednesday, I am usually off on Wednesday’s, I go to hot yoga, catch up, go to house church. I had said in my head that I would make sure that I at least blogged once a week, Wednesday would work…. yea, we see how that has gone! So I have been beating myself up for not blogging and I haven’t been blogging because I have not felt worthy of all the witty and wonderful blogs I enjoy. But here I am, inspired after reading Pam Popper’s recent blog.

Another inspiration was the stark difference in my interaction with 2 individuals that I obtained quotes from for work on my car. Yes my new little green machine kissed another bumper on the way home from work the other night and now needs some work!

A friend recommended a place downtown that he said might be more expensive, but that they do great work. After I found the little gem, I was greeted by the cute tatooed chic who kindly asked me to fill out my form. Moments later a man came over and obviously checked out my name on the form without even missing a beat and addressed me by name, smiled big and started on a positive note. He talked about how he liked the color of my car, listened to me as I asked questions about the different parts, and was basically up beat and eager to help me out. I had an estimate in less then 5 minutes as he explained the charges which were way lower then I was expecting, told me he could get me in next week, and even get a discount rate on a car rental. Smiling and making the whole thing seem more fun then fixing a beat bumper! I left happy that I had this interaction and willing to let this guy fix my car.

Next stop… well the atmosphere itself was a little cluttered even for a car place. No one spoke to me at first and I actually thought maybe I was in the wrong place. Then one lady shoved a paper at me and asked that I fill it out, while she turned and checked with the other about her computer. The older of the two after looking at my paper looked at me and said lets see what we have. She looked at the car, never speaking, and answering in one word when I asked a question. In about 10 minutes she handed me a larger quote then I had gotten, giving the disclaimer that it is quite possible it would go higher as it is quite possible there was something she couldn’t see (people, when I hit the poor young driver in front of me I couldn’t have been going more then 5-10mph). She wasn’t sure how long it would take maybe 4 days, they could work with my insurance, and there was no help with a rental or a loaner (even though I bought my car there). Oh and I think her poor over tanned, smoker wrinkled face may have smiled after all that. I left a little “heavy” feeling… like hey lady do you need to talk, did you forget how to smile, I know work is hard, but you have a job.

What a contrast. It made me think how I interact with people. I mean we all have the opportunity every interaction to make it count, whether it’s a smile, a word a nod when your running… sometimes it is more words, but always looking at the other person and considering how to make this moment count.

I don’t claim to be an expert people reader, however after 30 years of nursing I think I notice a few things. After my morning I really learned that I need to be even more observant at Target, at the grocery, wherever! I talk about choices all the time, this is another one… choosing to be present in the moment. Choosing to make the person I am speaking with, to, or running by know that I see them, they are important not just merely a pass by in my busy day. What a difference it can make in how I feel and maybe how I make someone else feel!

I am hoping that I blog more! More than anything it’s the writing I miss when I don’t do it. Often I feel that my blogging is more “spillage” of thoughts, random and rambling of little bits of life that may or may not add up to a profound thought, but as my old writing mentor Dean Adams Lofton used to say… just write, let it flow, whatever is in there it has a purpose if nothing else it is your story being told.

So here’s to my story… this is my life… rambling thoughts, running, veg head, God follower choosing to see life at it’s best, praying that I influence or motivate others to do the same.

To answer the question of what I have been up to lately, just in case anyone was curious… working my day job in overtime :/, and enjoying a great family vacation!!



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  1. ssiddhanta says:

    Ha ha ha Very interesting article!

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