… is it the “flu?” lots of thoughts

58750_534321286584086_903818207_nI sit her cozy in my kitchen sipping tea, fireplace going, listening to Passion 2013 and reading a lot about the flu.

I know I take a risk opening up this topic, but so many people have been sick at work. Reports on TV state it’s the worst flu season in a long time the commercials advertising flu shots are like fingernails on chalk board to me!

Why? Is it all the different strains? Is it that this year we all are “inside more” because the weather, therefore in each others faces without fresh air? Could it be we are killing our immune systems via vaccinating them to death?

First hear my heart, I feel for anyone who has been sick with the “flu” or whatever virus you might have suffered/or are suffering. I can’t imagine how terrible it is to have no energy, to fight to keep anything in your body, to know that you need to move but the very thought puts you in a sweat. REMEMBER I am a nurse, I have taken care of a few people suffering. Remember too, that I am a nurse. Everyday I go to work I am exposed to more germs and viruses and DISEASES than I want to think about, I wash my hands till they are red and try really hard to keep my hands from my face (hmm, 2 things that are paramount in decreasing the spread of yuk!).  So I wonder some times why I don’t “catch more” of whatever the illness is  being passed about that week at work?

I am not tooting my horn here, and I may have to eat my words if I get sick in the coming weeks, but again hear me when I say this: “we are fearfully and wonderfully made…” each one of us has an amazing body! Have you ever just stopped and considered for a moment what happens with each breath? Or what about each bite of food? The body is simply AMAZING work! God designed these bodies to endure much and when cared for well they survive well! Just as in our spiritual walk if we take in “junk” spend our time hanging out with negative people, listen to degrading/lonely music, watch movies or TV that fill our minds with images of death, and craziness, we will start believing and living these out!

It’s no different with our physical bodies. IF we fill them with “junk” non food, they can’t function as well… notice I say as well, they will fight, they are met to fight and sometimes sickness is the fight or it takes longer for illness/sickness/disease to show up.

When your sick with a virus, your fever goes up, you sweat, your body is fighting. Excuse me, but when you throw up and have the runs, your body is trying to rid itself of all things toxic! It’s awful, it’s hard and our body needs support during these times, but it doesn’t need STOPPED! I am not saying that some aren’t so sick that they don’t need a little IV fluid, or something, what I am saying is your body needs a chance to fight!

How many of you all have been in a battle? A physical or emotional battle? It was hard, you may have come out bruised and broken… but there is a part of me that knows if you survived, you are stronger! I know this is the case for me. I have been through some emotional battles that I wasn’t sure I wanted to survive, but God carried me through and WOW, I am humbled that He did, and how much stronger in Him I am!

Why do we not give these wonderful bodies the same chance? Why do we not trust the Creator, who made these bodies to heal and work through illness? YES I am a nurse, I am not saying all medicine is bad, but I wonder and have been in the last few years if we haven’t left out the greatest healer? I pray a lot at work. I pray for healing, I pray for patience, I pray for wisdom and I pray the day will end 🙂 !

Seriously though… most days I have more questions than answers, but I am going to keep asking. I am going to seek for truth and wisdom, I am not perfect. I am going to try and give my body good fuel to remain as healthy as it can in a broken world.

In this season of “flu” whatever the strains that are out there I will wash my hands, I will stay home if I am sick, I will drink more water, eat more garlic, eat more greens, take Vit D, C get some fresh air and exercise and REST! I will pray for my friends who are sick. I will offer advice if asked, food if needed and tissues and soft toilet paper! I will give my body a chance to do what it has been designed to do! I pray you do the same… trusting in the creator of your body and not a man made substitute!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. 1st-time mom says:

    Well said! I totally agree with you! It’s not often you find a nurse who doesn’t swear by flu shots. When I decided not to give it to my son at the pediatricians office… if looks could kill, well I would be in trouble!
    Thanks for the post.

    1. zebveg says:

      Good for you! Don’t let anyone do anything to you or your child that you are not completely okay with!

  2. Wholesome Ness says:

    Great post and well said! The body truly is amazing if you nourish it!

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