What get’s you out the door?


Yesterday I procrastinated a run. The sun was bright but the temps registered between 28-30 degrees brrrr. Usually I don’t mind running in the winter, but my lame excuse yesterday was that my toes were already cold! No I don’t wear cotton socks, smartwool or icebreaker for this girl. In all honesty it was just another lame excuse!

So what was it that got me out the door today? Determination? Guilt? That inner voice that reminds me of the benefits? Innate desire to endure the breezy cold winter day? The slight jiggle in my step, where did that come from? 🙂IMG_4625

Maybe it was remembering my last run with my sister Cindy on New Years Eve. That’s us in the picture after our run in the hills of TN. Until last year my sister would say that running was absolute craziness! Yea, that’s her and she has done a half marathon too! Today when the lazy thoughts wandered into my head, I remembered Momma taking off on her walk after we all went to dinner last night. There are very few nights that she doesn’t hit the pavement, no mater what the weather!

My run is over, my toes are again warm, my face no longer weather “red.” I sit here and think of my own question and realize the reason for getting out the door doesn’t really matter. Getting out the door and doing something does! When motivation doesn’t come your way sometimes you have to create it! For me it goes something like this: “I don’t have time for a run.” ahhh, but I have time to read yet another post on facebook? Get out! “I really need to get this kitchen floor clean.” ahhh, but you will have more energy for bending and stretching to clean the floor therefore killing two birds with one stone! “I really need to work on… on the computer.” ahhh, but won’t you be so much more creative and productive after getting the endorphins going! GET OUT THE DOOR!

You get the point. It’s the whole positive for a negative, self talk, self motivation. If that doesn’t work there is always remembering others who are out there running, pushing, or walking daily like my Momma! Going running with someone isn’t always an option and I really am not a social runner. I enjoy my solo runs, but I do get encouragement from knowing I have other friends and family pounding out the pavement!

Then there is the goal setting. So far for me the next running goal is a team effort coming up in April. A 70 mile relay run with a few other wild runners. Now if that doesn’t keep me motivated, especially since most of the other runners are close to half my age, nothing will!

So whatever it takes, get out the door. Put one foot in front of the other, even in these days of cold! Getting outside keeps you healthier especially during the winter. Take advantage of the sun when it is out, and when it isn’t, well take a walk/run and pray for the coming spring and know that each day is getting longer… more sun, more time to get out the door!


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  1. You hit the nail on the head! On the way how from yoga this morning (which I finally went to after two days of procrastination) I was reflecting on the fact that about 95% of the time Getting Out the Door is the biggest challenge in anything! Not just running or going to yoga but walking the dog, doing groceries, etc! Here’s to a year of getting out the door! Great post!

    1. zebveg says:

      Yep, just getting out the door gets it done whatever “it” is! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. David says:

    I cant help but think the perfect after winter run is a beautiful cup o’ tea. Got your blog from Meaghan. http://www.steepcityteas.com 😀

    1. zebveg says:

      So David, just curious as to what tea you would suggest after a long winter run? I confess I am a converted tea drinker and am always looking for the next good cup!

  3. zebveg says:

    Reblogged this on zebveg and commented:

    I needed to read my own advice today as the snow is softly falling and all I think I want to do is snuggle up and read. Shortly I will throw on the workout clothes and head to a spin class. I might even have to bundle up later and enjoy some time in the frigid temps in this beautiful snow! Just do it!

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