Monday Musings

“I pray for good fortune in everything you do, and for your good health—that your everyday affairs prosper, as well as your soul!”

Happy New Year and a good Monday morning!

It’s actually day 7 of the New Year and I am wondering how many of you wrote out resolutions or goals for 2013? Have you kept them?

I quit setting resolutions some time ago. Why? Because I never kept them, then I would feel guilty, try again, fail so instead of trying I would just do them in my head then no one, not even me would remember if I failed or broke them!

This year, I said, was going to be different. Why? Sometimes I think that a little goal or two, something to motivate keeps us on track with where we are headed instead of just flying by the seat of the proverbial pants. There advantages to flying, but I see value in a goal or two. I have not written anything down in a list per say. I have written a few in my journal, which by the way is one of my goals. I used to write more, and in that writing I seemed to find a place to dump things, to dream, to let steam off, to pray and let it all simmer, or let it all go! So I want to write more again in 2013. I shared with a good friend of mine that I want to love more, give more in 2013. Pretty broad goal but I think that it’s a start. I can whittle it down in to chunks of doable acts of love and the like. I want to drink more green juice and make more fun food in 2013 too!

I don’t know were you all are on setting goals or resolutions, but I am embracing the goodness again that they are. Sometimes we need a challenge. Make it fun, make it doable, make it healthy and good for you and those around you. It could be simple things like I will sit for 5 minutes in a quiet place even if it has to be the bathroom and I will take that time to breath deep, be quite and just be for those 5 minutes. Light a candle, say a prayer before, during or after. (um for some of you that bathroom time could be multi-tasking, but hey Momma’s often only get the possible quiet moment in the bathroom!) Maybe the time will grow and you will find the benefit of the moments that we so easily let fly by! Commit to memorize scripture, little nuggets to get you through life.Try something new this year, whether it’s an activity, or a new veggie, or how about finally giving in and trying that green smoothie recipe or juice! Or maybe after almost a year of me pushing Kale, you will give it a go this year!

Speaking of starts, how many of you eat breakfast? No, a cup of joe and a leftover cookie do not a power breakfast make! That might get you a crash about the time you are at work and really need to be moving. I am talking about either a super go smoothie or for a cereal eater some great granola to get you pumped for the day. Today I will share a recipe for Gingerbread granola that I made as gifts this year. After first making a double batch and packing it up, I had to make another batch because I wanted some to eat! Granola’s are forgiving and you can make them to your liking adding fruit you have on hand or changing up the spices, but this one is so tasty and if you are finding yourself tempted by the leftover cookies this still has a taste of holiday to it! I served mine up sprinkled over hot oatmeal with a little Almond milk!! Yummy. The oats are filling, the fruit gives you sweetness and if you make it with the hemp seeds you actually have some protein packed in there too.

So I hope that you set a few goals for yourself this year… even the little ones, because they all add up to success in spurring us on to bigger and brighter things.




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