It’s that moment…


her we go!Recently I posted about anxiety… Today I experienced an extreme moment of said anxiety. The sun was shining, it was nearly 50 degrees here in the mid-west so I HAD to run 🙂 … in shorts.. with snow on the ground! As I walked up the driveway after pounding out a decent 4 miles I had that all to familiar urge for this to check out the tiles in the bathroom and make sure non one switched the way I hang the toilet paper (over of course!) ASAP! I typed in the #’s on the key-less garage door opener when panic started to settle in. The door didn’t open. Why don’t I have one of those fake rocks hiding a key.  I glanced around at the neighbors houses wondering who would let a crazed neighbor check out their bathroom tiles without a hello? I quickly and somewhat calmly tried the # again, all the while wondering how long it would take my Mom to stop laughing and come over to open my house! Third time is a charm right? Deep breath, cross my legs and punch in the #’s again, slower, with a little right press on that first # and ding,  ding~~ Open says me!! Never so thankful to get in the house!

Why would I share such an embarrassing, somewhat boring, crazy moment in my life? Because it is in those moments that life churns. It is in the picking up the dirty socks for the hundredth time, making coffee again, brushing our teeth! The interruptions in those everyday moments from a needy child, a phone call, a job, those are the moments that shape our thinking. For once I didn’t really panic! I did start weighing my options, none held much dignity!

Sometimes it’s the humbling in a moment, the laughing it off, the celebrating of said moments of life. It’s the moments weaving together with others that build a life.

Another moment today consisted of meeting with a few women I will be working with as we all speak at an upcoming conference at church. My topic? Being single! Haha… ! I realized in that moment that God was in control, He knows what He is doing.

Step into the moment

I had another moment today in which I held my breath, waiting for the side-way look, raised eyebrow. I had to have my letter my flu vaccination exemption request notarized. As I explained to the bejeweled woman behind the bank counter that it was a letter requesting not to have the vaccine, I expected to hear some remark questioning why, and am an irresponsible nurse? Nope, she looked at me with her bright blue eyes and said “I don’t believe in them either.”  Breathe, it was a moment of thankfulness.

It’s the moments that we remember that make us panic, hold our breath, smile, laugh or cry. The moments that build on each other make us what we will become. Don’t let the panic, crazy moments overwhelm. Relish the finer moments like a good piece of dark chocolate. Put them all together and be thankful as you look at the colorful woven tapestry of life.

About the finicky garage door opener, surely if I shared this house with a man he would have a back up plan for finicky door openers…. Nahhh?


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