Remain flexible… always!

Last night as work was winding down, my feet were letting me know it had been a somewhat busy 12 hours. My neck and shoulder a little tense from the “waiting” on an important e-mail that never came. My mind started wondering to waking to no alarm, leisurely sipping my green juice and hitting a hot yoga class at one of my 2 favorite spots!

Ahhh Saturday morning with nothing really planned.

I did indeed wake to no alarm, which is always a blessing! I am somewhat amused by the fact that I can actually wake at 6 a.m. on a Saturday with no buzzing! Don’t be too impressed, I tend to lay in bed and think all kinds of dreams, like maybe some God send man will bring me a cup a tea and fresh green juice on a little platter with a flower… WAKE UP! 🙂 Hey a girl can dream! The reality is I usually go over things I am thankful for, then I start debating which yoga class to check out, whether I will go to the market after… you know the regular stuff of life!

When I finally slipped the feet to the floor and opened the blinds, I saw glimpses of blue sky, sunshine with little signs of snow left. Hmmm, wonder what the temps are out there? Quick check on the phone and it was pushing 55 degrees, really? Let the debate begin in all parts of my body, as my back longs for a good series of downward dog in extreme heat, my feet screaming to hit some pavement, while my toes dream of grabbing the mat and stretching a little themselves! My arms that pump and jiggle a little when running, ask for some challenging crow or other such moves that give me strength. Who will win!

BE FLEXIBLE! Yep, turn on the little heater I keep in the bathroom and let it heat up some, my own “hot yoga” space. I choose to do a few good deep breathing stretches, downward dogs and other moves that might satisfy in some sort of lame way my desire for a yoga fix! On go the running clothes, yes shorts and short sleeve shirt… it’s January 12 in Ohio!

It’s been awhile since I ran on the bike path. I thought that there might be a little bit of flooding on the path to deal with from the melting snow and recent rains, but I wanted to see the water and look at something besides the cookie cutter houses in the hood!

I had to run a different route then my usual, remember flexible! The path was covered with new downed little branches here and there. There were the occasional walkers on the path layered up in too many clothes, then again they may have thought me a little premature in shorts! Something about being out in God’s gifts that gives me ability to run further. The temperature was just right, the traffic on the path as expected. It always amazes me how “unfriendly” people can be who are out in such beauty. I always say Hi, hoping for the return, 1 in 4 might be stretching it, no matter, I will continue to smile and run on!

5 miles later I was stretching and thankful that I chose to work up a sweat on this warm winter day. I think I will save hot yoga for next week when I hear the temps are dropping and we may get more snow… I think I will remain flexible!

This is one of my favorite parts of the path, train trellis is painted with scripture!


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