Monday Musings… Almond Rice treats

“Dear Friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.”

What a difference a day makes! Last Wednesday I shoveled the biggest snow we had this season then ran in the glorious white stuff while the sun worked to peek through the skies. On Saturday I took to the pavement with a few less clothing layers, melting snow and bright sunshine… funny that the latter was the day I fell into slush pile of snow! Bruised knee and a reminder that I don’t bounce like I used to, but I was out moving it!

The big reminder for me in these 2 days was making a choice to get out in the weather no matter what and enjoy the gift of the day. I can’t say I am a big fan of running or outdoor activity in sideways rain; that’s what we used to call severe rain in Ketchikan Alaska, but I can say that I am a believer in fresh air. I noticed on both of the days how few people were really outside. On my runs I wondered what everyone was doing inside? I wondered if the kids were in front of screens? My optimistic self was hoping that I had just missed them running in the house red faced and wet with snow for a cup of hot cocoa! On Saturday when the temps were higher I felt like I was running through a ghost town. Didn’t anyone else have cabin fever and want to be out enjoying the early signs of spring? I wonder sometimes if we have gotten so far away from the basics, living a life of “convenience” at what cost?

Okay, so about now you all are saying okay, Veghead, off your philosophical journey, what does this have to do with food and wellness, and just give me a new recipe~ 🙂 What all that has to do with food and wellness is that I think we have become comfortably, uncomfortably disconnected. Food is a great example. I spoke with a grade school teacher who said that most of her kids didn’t know what broccoli or cauliflower were. A girl at work told me she buys “boxes” of food, has no idea how to shop or cook, her 3 year old will only drink Ensure! and that take out or fast food is easier. Most people mindlessly eat something that they are hoping will give them sustenance and even Christians pray over processed food “may it nourish our bodies.” All of you have seen my happy meal looking like the day I bought it over a year ago… if that nourishes your body, that my friends is an example of a modern miracle! I believe it is by the grace of God that we haven’t gotten sicker sooner, but we are. Younger kids every day are getting on blood pressure medications, or have depression and behavior issues that could most likely be connected to diet and lack of exercise.

Most people tell me they can’t eat the way I do because it takes too much time. Well, what else are we doing with our time? I calculated yesterday that I spent about 1 1/2 hours in the kitchen prepping food for the work days. When I work 12 hour shifts 9a-9p most of my eating time is at work so I prep for multiple days. I made juice for 3 days, a big salad for lunches, cooked up some beans to freeze and make hummus, got out some frozen soup from another cooking day, whipped up some kale chips and made the rice krispie treats; which is the recipe I will share, YUMMO. Prepped some veggies for eating on the fly and made sure I had goodies to make my morning smoothies. The time goes fast, I am connected to the food I will be eating and I know what is in it! I know my way is not for everyone. But I do know that we need to get back to some basics. We need to be more connected in so many ways, not just food.

Remember when I said I didn’t see many people out on my running days? I did see a few kids, and when I did it made me smile, warmed me up. I am hoping that maybe by seeing me they knew that in the future they would still be able to run and play, because big people do! We need to set examples for our kids as to what is important. What nourishes us, body and soul, what feeds us to live well, or leaves empty, seeking.

I will get off my kale box and get on to the recipe I am sharing today. This one is from Natural Epicurean. A vegan cooking school that I longingly look at every once in awhile. This recipe reminded me of rice krispie treats but a little more sophisticated! I put in my notes on the recipe some of the changes I made, but needles to say this was easy and yummy. About some of the ingredients; Puffed rice cereal is uber inexpensive and well, it’s just brown rice. Rice Syrup is a natural sweetener and has a lower glycemic index (important for diabetics) so it doesn’t give you a sugar spike, but you might be able to sub with date paste (it is expensive though unless you make your own, recipe for another day!) This recipe called for optional chocolate chips. I used cocoa nibs which are the broken off little pieces of chocolate bean basically. Not as sweet as chocolate, but this recipe is sweet enough and cocoa nibs offer doses of magnesium and antioxidants without all the added sweetness, but still a chocolate goodness! I also added gogi berries which aren’t cheap but a little goes a long way, and I had them! Some goodness about that little dried fruit is they are rich in protein, have more vitamin C than oranges and also rich in vitamin A. So it was my way of bringing a little more health to the sweet party!

So I hope that you all are taking time to enjoy the emerging spring! I am sooo looking forward to growing season and fresh food from the garden!


Almond and Crispy Rice Treats.doc


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