Monday Musings… KALE, yes Kale and Avocado Salad

KALE!! 🙂

I just want to say I liked Kale before Kale was cool. Before Kale was king. Before Kale was moved from the garnish on veggie plates to being the center of the veggie dish! Well, maybe not for that long, but for as long as I have been on the Plant based whole food kind of life giving eating!photo My sister-in-law even gave me a Kale shirt for Christmas this past year!

Just like I used to eat dairy 3 times a day, you know yogurt, cheese, more cheese, now it’s Kale! I like Kale in my smoothies, I like Kale in my regular salads finally chopped, I like Kale as the main dish marinated in lemons, or massaged in avocado, swimming around with lentils or sweet potatoes. Don’t forget the now so “in thing” Kale chips! Yep that’s me showing off my version of a spicey cheesy Kale chip! Now that the secret is out, that Kale is “all that”, I fear a rise in prices. Good thing Kale is easy to grow as long as you can keep the rabbits away!

So of course it was no wonder when I saw another recipe for a Kale dish that my eyes lit up, my mouth started watering in that Kale taste bud spot, I just knew I had to use it for my Monday Musings post! Not to mentioned this recipe paired up Avocado which is another great superfood! Avocado’s are full of monounsaturated fat, Vitamin E, fiber, and folic acid just to name a few things, I knew I was on to something good to pack for lunch this week!

After surviving my early morning Hot Yoga class on Saturday I took my sweaty self to the Earthfare, yes I have no shame, besides I was wearing my icebreaker shirt, those don’t stink, lol! I had to get the Kale and make sure this recipe was a keeper. Once inside I pondered the ingredients of said recipe. My mind started wandering/wondering what about limes instead of lemons? Wouldn’t some red onion be good in that recipe, ooooh, what about some cilantro and a dash of cayenne? Yep before I knew it I was re-writing the whole recipe in my head. What can I say? That’s the thing about Kale. While it does have a certain earthly green flavor it isn’t over bearing, so you can re-invent it to your cravings at the time! The thing I liked about the original recipe was it’s simplicity and here I was adding a list of ingredients to a dish that only had 5 or 6 to begin with. I couldn’t help myself, my taste-buds were speaking, or maybe I was dehydrated and weary from hot yoga! As I drove away from Earthfare, past Maggie Moo’s ice cream I had to laugh at myself. I used to be the single girl that ate ice cream out of the carton on Saturday nights with no shame now it’s Kale in abundance, without shame and without regret the next morning! Just a little FYI, you could never eat too much kale, but don’t try it, as always I suggest an abundance of plant based whole foods to fuel your beautiful self! 🙂

Sunday morning came and after my run I was in the kitchen excited to throw this little party together. I cleaned and chopped and added in the sun dried tomatoes that seemed to invade my dreams the night before! After a little hang out time in the fridge I pulled out the salad tasted YES! Score! So I arranged this plate for a little photo op!

Kale Avocado Salad
Kale Avocado Salad

When I took the picture I wasn’t planning on eating it right then, I covered up the dish but changed my mind, sat down and ate the whole plateful and then some! My Kale taste buds were singing the praises of the combo, a little sweat from sun dried tomato, tang from the lime, crunch from the nuts and creaminess from the avocado! I had to hurry and pack a dish to be sure I would have some for lunch today! This dish has it all! The nutrients in Kale, extra iron kick from the pepitos, fiber and fullness from the rice, sure to be repeated… well unless maybe I make the original recipe 🙂

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did, and as always don’t be afraid to adapt to your taste-buds!


1  Head of Kale, chopped fine

1   Avocado, sliced

2   Limes, juice

½  Medium red onion or 1 shallot chopped

¼  Cup olive oil optional (I didn’t use)

1   Teaspoon sea salt

     Dash of cayenne depending on your heat tolerance

¼  Cup toasted pepitos (pumpkin seeds) or you can sub almonds

2   Cups brown rice (or whole grain rice, sub quinoa)


            5  Chopped sun dried tomatoes or fresh cherry tomatoes

            ¼ Cup fresh chopped cilantro (mmm, good)

1.     Cook rice as per package instructions/ or if you want to use premade just watch the sodium content.

2.     Clean and fine chop kale taking off hard stems.

3.     Toss all ingredients together but pepitos/almonds together. I actually use my hands to get a little of the avocado massaged into the kale, but it isn’t necessary. Best if you can let this set in fridge about 1 hour at least.

If you have ever eaten or made ceviche, you’ll know that lemon/lime and salt can give the illusion that meat is cooked. It softens meat by infusing it with moisture and flavor. It’s a great trick for softening greens, as well. RAW kale that has marinated in olive oil, lemon and salt for about 1 hour, really softens it up, plus the buttery goodness of an avocado mmmm, good. That’s it!

NOTES: I actually took this from another recipe, of course. If you don’t like limes, use lemons! I used a medley mix too of long grain dark rice. You can omit the onions and cayenne too! Or you can add some veggies.You see another reason why eating this way is easy. Take 2 basic ingredients like kale and rice and you have so many options, all with minimal cooking!


“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.”

3 john 2


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