Monday Musings… Memories


“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul”.
3 john 2

I debated as to whether I would send out a Monday Musings, or just let it ride for the holiday, begging your forgiveness tomorrow, or thinking that some of you wouldn’t even miss me as you take time to celebrate Memorial Day in the ways our country does… cookouts, swimming, getting away getting together.

I changed my mind as I sat at the computer this morning reading e-mails and checking in on the time sucking village known as facebook.

The morning has been exceptionally quiet as the breeze gently blows my freshly planted flowers and herbs from yesterday. I hear the birds chirping as they wake up the world around them. There are no sounds of engines firing up to take off to work, or buses shuttling children off to school, peaceful and cool.

This morning as I read a dear friends words from the mission field and saw a post from another friend who is the proud mother of a Marine, there were sounds that started to play in my head. I heard the cries of men on battlefields as the fought to keep our land free. The cries of those on the homeland who would never see their loved one again. I hear the cry of the unsaved person who is trying to find his/her way. While we celebrate freedom, we have to remember that it really isn’t free, it cost! It cost more than money can buy, guns can fire or wars can give, freedom always calls for a sacrifice, a laying down, bloodshed.

Freedom calls for letting go of the things that bind us up, greed, passion, fear, anger, selfishness to name a few. What are wars fought over? We often ask that question when they linger on, and yet at it’s core they are fought over control of one thing or another.

I won’t go on anymore about the wars in this world or the price they have cost us, I pray that we all are well aware and grateful for the sacrifice of those that stand for more than often we can understand.

There was a man once who lived His life well, freely, as an example of what peace and love and forgiveness could look like. He came to teach us that, to let us know we are not alone, to let us know how we can truly be free… this man died on a cross to set us free. He paid the ultimate sacrifice and laid the ground work for our fighting men and women who lay down their life for a friend. But this man, this Jesus, he rose again from the dead so that we might live, and live forever in true freedom. He really did win the war over all those things we fight for.

The cost of freedom isn’t free. Let us remember well those who fought, fight and stand for us. I pray that you might take a moment to remember that today… and if you don’t know about true freedom that Jesus gives, who set the example, that you would ask me about Him, I would love to tell you more about His story and sacrifice for us.



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