Monday Musings… Summertime Smoothie time!


images-1 I have a little story to tell of why smoothies hold a special place in my food repertoire, why I know that variety of veggies/fruit is really what helps keep me happy, eating healthy, and why I am ever grateful for all these things!

A couple of weeks ago I had to have some unexpected dental work. Things seemed to be going well, but I had to be numbed up. Don’t you just love that feeling, big fat side of your face and no control over your tongue.

“I have been here before… I can handle this.” Life goes on and so I did! I will go home and just go for a run, no big deal right? Of course the side of my mouth was sore, to be expected right?

Three days into this I was noticing more pain than I thought I should have. I realized when I was trying to eat a salad I couldn’t quite get my mouth open enough to get the dang gum fork in my mouth…. ugggg! This is the time I remember that the only time anyone ever accused me of having a small mouth was when I had to get braces and the Orthodontist said there wasn’t enough room for all my teeth.

I was frustrated but never fear! I can just drink juice and smoothies for a few days while the pain goes away. So everything that should have been a salad to eat with a fork started going in the Vita-mix. When people ask for recipes for smoothies, this is why I just laugh. I will throw anything in there, even the salad with onion, quinoa, peppers etc..

Although I realize that no one probably does illness, or injury well, some people do it with much more grace than I do. I visited the dentist again when I still was having trouble getting even my toothbrush in my mouth… he gave me exercises and “time”. I had a mini meltdown. You see smoothies are good, fun, a mainstay, but when I can’t even chew on a salad if I want, I got whiney!

Time for an intervention! What could I do to kick it up! Ahhh, what is a smoothie that I haven’t made in a while? I was craving something fresh, something with a little zing, not too sweet. Cucumber, lime, avocado, water/ice and basil! YES!! My mouth started watering just thinking of this. The cucumber itself is full of goodness, low in calories, high in Vitamin K (bone health!), potassium for electrolytes, then the avo… I think I have extolled the virtues of this little gem. Avocado brings the creaminess to this smoothie, the lime adds a good zing and the basil… oh my this adds a new depth to this already favorite smoothie of mine!

I know, a long story about my stupid mouth to tell you that smoothies are our friends! In the summertime the ease of whipping up a smoothie as either a to-g0 meal, after work out pick-me-up, or a fruity treat, the possibilities are endless! The other wonderful thing about summer is the opening of all the Farmer’s Market’s, these are great places to get fresh fruit and veggies to find new ingredients to stretch your palate and experience the goodness of smoothie land!

Cucumber, lime, avocado, basil goodness!
Cucumber, lime, avocado, basil goodness!

Cucumber Coolness

1 Cucumber (I peel and seed mine which is easily done scraping a spoon down the seeds)

1 Lime peeled and cut up

1 Avocado

Couple basil leaves to taste

Pure water/ice to achieve consistency of lusciousness

Blend all up in Vita-mix or high-speed blender put in a fun glass and sip up some freshness of the summer! I must confess that I couldn’t resist and after sipping on this and taking the pic I added a little spinach… I wouldn’t have done it, but since it was my meal I needed a little more green power… it changed the taste only slightly!

Even if you don’t have a Vita-mix, don’t fear smoothie making, especially this one as all the ingredients are fairly blender friendly, you can juice the lime if you want, I just like the extra fiber and tart flavor of the whole lime.

I am able to get my mouth open a little further now, but I can tell you I have enjoyed making a few different flavors of smoothies and being forced to change things up a little! Like this little gem I made yesterday afternoon as a treat!

Frozen Banana Bliss 

Makes one smoothie

Frozen Banana Bliss
Frozen Banana Bliss

1-2 Frozen Banana

1/4 teaspoon peppermint, or use fresh leaves if you have them

Almond milk about 1/2 cup to achieve smoothness

2 Tablespoons Cocoa nibs

Blend up and enjoy… these are approximate measurements, use your taste buds and judgement to achieve the creaminess you are after!

I just felt like a little summertime action. Chocolate Chip Ice Cream used to be my go to! Let me tell you, I don’t really miss it, especially when I mix up this! After I have this I don’t experience the dairy after taste and well my waist doesn’t feel the effects either! 🙂

I hope that this inspires you all to think outside the blender and mix up the flavors of summer, keeping you healthy and enjoying the goodness we have been given!




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cindy says:

    Don’t forget coconut water to help replenish those minerals that we lose to sweat! Better than gatorade (duh) and great in smoothies!

    1. zebveg says:

      Oh yes sister, this is only a snipet to the virtues of smoothies and what can be added to them. Thanks for the reminder too that I need to get some coconut water!!

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