Monday Musings… Umami Almond, Quinoa, sundried tomato Burger


“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.”
3 john 2

First and foremost, I do hope that all of you are striving to make a difference in your health. Are you drinking a little more water these days? Do you crave a little something extra with that water, save money and add your own fruit to that water. I even saw one of those adult sipper cups that have a carrier to put the fruit in! This little trick is cheaper and healthier than any flavored waters you can buy.
Are you out there getting you some natural Vit D? Yes only 10-15 minutes of exposure to the sun, as much skin exposed as decent:), can provide you with the needed Vit D to keep you healthy.
Are you spending time “being” resting in the Lord? Sit under a shade tree in a comfortable position and take some deep breathes… I mean really concentrated deep breathes, in through your nose and out through your mouth in a 4 count. Just 5 minutes will refresh your mind, body and spirit.

My computer is running a little slow this morning so my recipe and posting on the blog isn’t happening quite like I had hoped,
yep guess I should have got up at 5:30 when I first awoke! 🙂
So you are getting this little nuggets of reminders that I honestly pray you take advantage of these 3 steps. Notice none are expensive, exotic… simple, attainable health changes that can truly benefit your life.

The recipe I am posting today is a burger recipe, Umami Almond, Quinoa, and Sundried Tomato Burger from
Dreena Burton

I have been on a quest to find the perfect veggie burger. While I have made many, eaten them happily I still am in search of the right texture, flavor and moistness. These burgers I made for Father’s Day grilling and they were quite tasty combining a sweetness from the tomato, a mixing of spices and they held their shape well even grilling them. They could have just a touch more moisture, but overall I really liked the flavors and mouth feel and they were so EASY!! very much a keeper. I like the fact that they are so healthy with the nuts and quinoa, packing a much more powerful punch of protein then an actual burger.
The thing about veggie burgers is you have so many options to turn them into whatever flavor profile you want. These will be in the rotation for sure as I continue exploring the land of veggie burgers. Do yourself a favor and try making up these instead of buying the boxed version, your taste buds will thank you!



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