Monday Musings… Family, Fun and Fiesta Quinoa

“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul”

The invasion happened at my Momma’s house like it does every year since my oldest nephew was old enough to be away from his Mom for a whole week… basically since he was weaned lol 🙂 Basically all the grand kids are at my Mom’s for the week. Technically 3 of them live about a block away, but waking hours are hanging in, around or close to Memaw’s and that is were they eat!

Since moving home I too spend many of my waking non-working hours around all the kids! Which leaves little time for much else, however it is one of the most fun weeks of the year… but can be quite the flurry of activity.

This weekend was the Saturday morning market, shopping with teenage girls, my older sister and surviving even if my wallet took a hit! Topping of the night we ran in the glow run (the older kids) at 10 p.m., not my normal running time, splurged on ice cream for them as I cringed a little inside, but I do make them eat veggies… one battle at a time! I have driven my car with the use of my phone as the instant DJ to listen to songs and sing loudly with windows down and the car a rocking from my nephews (who have somehow reached new levels of height!) car dancing in the back. Sunday church, checking out bike racing in the Burg, then to a Dragon’s game, sweated, then soaked by pouring rain (thankful for free tickets!). Topped off with driveway chats, neighbors, catching lightening bugs with littles and a balloon launch!

We have laughed, played, ate, prayed… and it is only Monday! 😉

My mission this morning is to squeeze in a run, some laundry, juicing and restock Mom’s fridge while everyone else is at VBS… and remember it is only Monday! 🙂 I thought of taking the week off from musing, but that will be next Monday… maybe 🙂

All this to say my friends that I am musing a lot in my head. I am thinking of how important it is to hydrate and to try and stay balanced when crazy fun times hit. To not overdue or make bad food choices just because of said craziness. To not skip working out for too long or that will become your new normal. I am reminded too that in all things to pray… at all times!

I will leave you with a Fiesta Qunioa Salad recipe. If it is a repeat I apologize but I don’t think it has been out on the blog! It’s one of my summer go to salads with all the fresh veggies available and well, you all know how good quinoa is for ya! Enjoy your first week of summer as you continue to find that balance of Mind, Body, Spirit!


Fiesta Qunioa Salad.doc

my growing nephews!
my growing nephews!
Me and Diana at the game... the hats were free and we needed them despite the goofy look!
Me and Diana at the game… the hats were free and we needed them despite the goofy look!
Me and "the middles" ready for our run!
Me and “the middles” ready for our run!



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