Monday Musings… plant based eating out

If only they were closer!
If only they were closer!

Good Morning all,

This post will be a quick one as I am going in to work unexpected! So the recipe portion of this will be later, sorry folks!

I just wanted to share a little bit about eating out as a plant based eater. I know I have shared on this before, but the challenge continues, and I hope that you are stepping up to it and choosing well. I have been eating like this for a few years, and I joyfully eat out, still go to parties and all those things that most people think you can’t do anymore when you choose this lifestyle. Yes, I am ribbed about my eating, at a birthday party this weekend one person stated that if I ate a piece of sugar laden cake, they would go vegan for a week. I had two choices eat the cake, knowing there was no way they even knew what I ate (I’m not really a vegan, but a plant based eater!) and would not be able to stick to the deal, or just smile and move on to my veggie burger that they host had prepared for me! I chose #2. Seriously I know one piece of cake would not put me over the edge, I choose not to live out legalistically in my eating, but I also know I didn’t want a headache at that point of the day. Besides I am holding out for cake at the family reunion, knowing my Momma will be creating magic and making my all time favorite!

The next challenge and choice came when eating out with my parents Sunday at lunch. I like the challenge of finding a way to have a vegan/plant based meal. Yesterday I don’t think I was up for the challenge as much. I was frustrated with a huge menu that was full of wheat, dairy, meat. They did have hummus on their menu, but that was it and it was served with garlic bread and two veggies. The salads all had meat or dairy or both. I don’t understand why salad has to be laden with a meat. Yes they will leave the meat off, but they will charge you, uggg, I don’t always let this bother me, but for some reason it did yesterday. I decided to go for the whole veggie omelet, hold the eggs, cheese and no thanks on the bread either. Yep they look at you weird they still charge you for a whole omelet, but I leave a little happier, and they will do it.

Recently at two chain restaurants I have been so excited to see quinoa on the menu. First Watch has this as a seasonal item with kale… cheese, which of course I leave off. I am sure that the sauce is not completely oil free, but I don’t let this freak me out… remember I am not legalistic and I know that this one meal will not damage all the good I do every day. One other place had quinoa as a breakfast cereal. Here I wanted to go back to the kitchen and teach them how to prepare quinoa, but I applaud them for trying!

I say all this today to encourage you to not be afraid to go out. Be creative, accept the challenge the worst case scenario is that you will eat a subpar iceberg salad in great company! A few tips for going out, if you know ahead of time where you are going check out the menu, or call them and ask if they do vegan/plant based options. If they don’t then you might want to eat a big healthy salad, or smoothie before going out, it’s usually about the company we are keeping anyway so enjoy that and don’t grieve your so so meal. Always have that back up apple, trail mix, kale chips in your bag or car you can eat! Right now I have zucchini chips in my purse and an apple, yep always prepared, ever the girl scout 🙂

We have freedom in all things, but not all things are good or beneficial for us… hmmm, sound familiar? So again I encourage you all to make good choices in both your food and fun.


“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.”
3 john 2


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