Monday Musings… Drinking it in


Two things I was reminded of this weekend: First, read your Bible everyday. Second, the dog days of summer are arriving late.

I am sure most of you are asking what these two things could have in common with each other? In my world/mind they have a lot in common. I need water… Living water and the liquid form to live well!

Living Water... flavored water, both life sustaining
Living Water… flavored water, both life sustaining

I went to a funeral of a dear man this weekend who lived out The Word. In his last days he instructed his children to read their Bible everyday. It sounds so simple, yet we find excuses not to and pretty soon our life is shriveling up, or full of rough edges, things not moving well, our foundation feels a little shaky. Yet if everyday we read words of truth, even when life is difficult you  wont’ be shaken. It is essential for our spiritual health, without it we wither and are brittle and blow away like an autumn leaf. Drink in The Word daily. In the middle of the afternoon, take in more to fuel you through the rest of the day instead of becoming angry at the day not going your way.

Our physical bodies are made up of over 60-70% water. Joints, organs, our skin all need water to function well. A body can really only go 3 days without water before severe signs of dehydration begin. I don’t say that as a scare tactic and I know someone will remind me that people have fasted, or been deprived from water longer than that, but at what cost to the body? It’s a simple step we can take to keep our bodies functioning well. I won’t go into the debate about drinking reverse osmosis water, spring water etc., just drink more water and you will be able to tell a difference. In the middle of the afternoon when you are feeling sluggish, instead of that 3rd cup of joe, go for a tall glass of water. If you need a little flavor in your life, try infusing fruit in your water. Add apples, berries, mint leaves to spring water or distilled and refrigerate overnight for a refreshing burst of flavor.

As the dog days of summer or Indian summer as some call it, heat up don’t grab that sugar, chemical laden soda that will literally rot your gut, sip on some cool water or one of my other favorites coconut water. Did you know that in WWII coconut water was used as IV fluid for soldiers due to the electrolytes and hydration properties in contained? I started drinking coconut water last year and really like it after a hot run, in my smoothies or as a treat on a hot day!


How are you hydrating yourself these days?

Drink up!


“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.”



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