Monday Musings… Food “flu shot”

According to my “work” I am to find out today whether my request to be exempt from the flu shot… again, will be accepted. The signs and push to get everyone vaccinated have started and I have even heard of a few people feeling sick after given the flu shot (duh).

It’s that time of year. It’s that time of year when we start closing windows, being indoors and sharing more germs. It’s that busy time of year when school is in session and work seems to ramp up. Even though the days are shorter we seem to squeeze in more work and less rest. Hmmm, maybe there is a reason the days are shorter… maybe we should be resting more during this time of year. But I digress.

All this to say that the last couple of weeks I have caught “the bug.” NO I don’t have the flu, if anything I have a taste of my old allergy days, or maybe a cold? It’s hard to say, but it did make me take notice of my own habits of late. Have I been eating out of my comfort zone? Ah yes, but just a little. Have I been getting adequate rest? um, probably not and going home after 8 hours work, then going back in to work a night shift may not have been my brightest thought last week. How is my exercise? A day of running there, 15-20 minutes of yoga here. Have I been spending time in prayer and devotion? Ugggg… yes we all suffer from attempting to balance all these things, let alone the responsibilities to those around us!

Fear not, there is hope. While I don’t have the key to happiness or finding balance, I do know that there are a few things that can get us through. It’s not forgetting to take time for putting on our oxygen mask so to speak. Everyone has heard the analogy of the flight attendant telling you to put on your mask before helping others. Well we all need to take time to pray, exercise, eat well, and rest. We also need to remember grace when we don’t achieve this, but yet continue to strive not stress toward balance. I can’t say that I ever have a day of 100%, but then I am not sure we are supposed to. I do know that when I spend a little time devoted to checking in in all areas I feel I have more to give. Like today. I woke early, did my 30 minutes of yoga and devotion time. I am sipping on my carrot juice and have a healthy lunch packed and ready to go. Honestly I feel better than if I had jumped out of bed and rushed around to get ready for work. I feel I have a foundation set for the day ahead. Even when things start getting crazy at work, and they will, hopefully my “oxygen mask” being set will help me breathe through the worst of it!

Maybe it’s just the power soup I made last night… like how I am trying desperately to tie in the recipe of the day? Seriously though the soup recipe I am sharing could be a repeat for some of my followers, but hey so is my need to turn in a request for an exemption from the flu shot! So today you get the Garlic green soup. The 12 cloves of garlic soup :), the natural fighter of viruses, and what ails you soup! This soup is packed with goodness! Did you know that garlic inhibits bacterial growth and is known as a natural antibiotic? Not to mention that it is yummo!! Add in a good dose of onions which are a good dose of Vitamin C, good-bye cold symptoms. Then of course a good dose of greens, in this soup I use Kale, because everyone knows how much I like my Kale and how good it is for ya!

So when my sister reminded me of this soup the other day I had to make it, especially since I was feeling a little off.

Look at all that great flu/cold/what ails you fighting power there!

The 2 main ingredients!
The 2 main ingredients!
Cooking these opens up the nose and gets the mouth watering!
Cooking these opens up the nose and gets the mouth-watering!
The finished "dose"
The finished “dose”

Without more rambling, here’s the recipe!

Garlic, Greens and Rice Soup!


Bring on the healing goodness of this savory goodness!




2 Tbs. olive oil (I only used 1 Tbs.  and small amounts of water to sauté the onions)


1 large Spanish onion about 2 Cups (I used a big white onion!)


12 cloves of garlic minced… yes 12!


4 bay leaves


2 cups (firmly packed) finely chopped collard greens (I used Kale J it’s what I had!)


5 cups water


1 ½ cups basmati rice cooked (I used wild rice, and would suggest it or brown, just not white!)


20 sun-dried tomatoes chopped into pieces (no need to pre-soak)


½ cup tamari soy sauce (I used Bragg’s Aminos)


3 sprigs fresh rosemary, or 1 tsp. dried


1 tsp dried basil




1.     Heat oil in a large, heavy pot like a Dutch oven.


2.     Add onion, garlic, and bay leaves, and sauté slowly over low heat, (add small amounts of water as needed if not using all the oil) at last 30 min., stirring occasionally allowing onions to caramelize.


3.     Increase heat to high, add collards or kale, sauté till wilted


4.     Add remaining ingredients.


5.     Bring soup to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 30 minutes or until greens and rice are tender, stirring occasionally.


 Serves 6 recipe from For the Love of Garlic by Victoria Renoux


 NOTES: As stated above, I cut the amount of oil used. I used the onion, greens and rice I had available, also the Braggs instead of soy sauce. This was such a good smelling meal that attracted “diners” to my Momma’s kitchen as we made it! It is a keeper and one I will be making again real soon! So easy really, and a time-saving tip is when you are planning your weeks menu and making rice for all kinds of recipes, make enough for this one too! P.S. um, cayenne is also a nice little kicker to add!

Hippocrates had it right when he said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Especially when it taste so much better than any medicine and has no ill side effects… well maybe a little garlic breath, but just share your soup with the one’s you love!

Peace and health



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