Monday Musings…Rest and be thankful

Thankful for geocaching before the knee bungle...
Thankful for geocaching before the knee bungle…


“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.”
3 john 2

Up front I apologize for the lack of a recipe this week… but I hope that you will read on, and I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

It’s Monday, it is Veteran’s Day… it’s my day off. I had a lot of plans for this day, plans to get some errands run, to run, to clean, to get through some of that to do list I have. I had a great weekend in Oglebay WVA, with family… until I was taking a power walk Saturday evening, and one misstep on a rock, nut or twig and I bungled up my knee. Interesting that I didn’t even realize I hurt it until after sitting in the trolley watching the beautiful lights in the park. I got up to walk off and had extreme pain and walking to the car was no fun.
Uggg, again? My knee? My Momma tucked me in with an ice pack while we all hung out and enjoyed the fire, sleeping was crazy and restless… and I will stop there.
Why am I sharing all this? Because I preach movement, rest and caring for self, and I confess that I am the worst at times. I am impatient when I have an accident, pull a muscle, get a cold or whatever might ail me. I am no different from most in that I find this an inconvenience. I am a work in progress. As I sit here now, knee up, I have a little mantra running through my head with the intermittent twinges of pain; “thank you” simple words that I pray get me through this with a better, different attitude.
I also am learning a little more about patience and rest (that I encourage so much). I wanted to hit the deck running this morning to get through that list… but here I am in my recliner, resting, thankful it’s my day off, thankful for this crazy knee injury, thankful I have a knee, thankful that my body is made to heal itself… if only I will give it the chance to do that.
I read an interesting article my sister tagged this weekend about the whole “RICE” rest, ice (ibuprofen), compression, elevate.
This article made a lot of good points. So being me… I am attempting to forgo the ice (even though that numbing affect always felt good). I am using some natural herbs like curcumin, devil’s claw that I take for anti-inflammatory properties, I am resting, but I am also doing some gentle stretches, a little massaging… a lot of praying!
I believe when we are hit with an injury, illness that our body is telling us something, that often not always it relates to the heart, so I am checking in there too, to make sure that I am on track spiritually, mentally. I see this as an opportunity to “listen” is God trying to slow me down for a reason? SO I am trying, trying to take this time to reflect, to heal, to be thankful for being fearfully and wonderfully made!

My hope is that you too, take moments to reflect, rest and be thankful


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  1. I am glad you found my blog useful. I hope it helps. Let me know how it goes!

    1. zebveg says:

      I will. If you have any advice on best exercises to do that would be great. I have had a torn meniscus before and know those exercises, so that is where I am focusing right now! Enjoyed the article, and well I obviously believe in a more natural approach in healing!

      1. It is hard to provide advice without knowing the full extent of the injury and your functional status. If interested you can use my “Train with Josh” contact page ( page and we can set-up a free evaluation and consultation. Then set-up rehab after word.
        I do a lot of virtual rehab and corrective training via Skype or Oovoo and have had great success if that is something that interests you.

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