Monday Musings… Kale reigns, Marinated Kale salad

Our crazy family pic from Turkey Trot 2013
Our crazy family pic from Turkey Trot 2013

The flurry of Thanksgiving is in the memory banks. I had such a great time with my family, but I won’t linger there I will get on with the food! As my sister and her family were packing up;  we were doing our usual clean out as many leftovers from Mom’s fridge. My sister said, her “body wanted something green” as she grabbed the bag that held leftover Marinated Kale salad.

Thanksgiving leftovers that fuel!
Thanksgiving leftovers that fuel!

Yes my friends that picture is of leftovers and if I do say so myself it looks as tasty as it’s debut on the Thanksgiving table!

Such a festive salad!
Such a festive salad!

Both my sisters requested this salad for Thanksgiving. Wanting to be a people pleaser, and of course push my greens, I complied to the request and made a double batch because I enjoy the leftovers of this so well. This salad is so yummy, quick to come together, except for sprouting the lentils, can be made ahead a day or even two, and it is actually one of those things that as all the flavors meld together longer, it just becomes more flavorful! Whenever I have shared this salad it has always been met with great reviews. I might add that the colors are so Christmas like that this little recipe would make a great addition to upcoming dinners, pot luck or just for lunch to keep you in the holiday spirit! Do I need to remind you again how much power Kale packs? I think not, just know that when you are eating this salad you are eating food for the fueling of your body, and it satisfies those taste buds too. The sprouted lentils add an extra punch of protein to the party. In the season of giving, just think you will actually be giving health in each bite!

Marinated Kale and Lentils




           1 Bunch kale, shredded and stems removed (I use curly kale)


            2 Cups red lentils, sprouted one or 2 days  (see below)


            1 shallot, minced or small red onion


            1 clove garlic pressed


             Juice of 1 lemon


            2 Tbs. cider vinegar


            4 Tbs extra virgin olive oil


            1 teas. Raw honey (don’t worry if you don’t have raw)


            1 sprinkle cayenne pepper to taste


            1 dash of sea salt


            1 tea. Caraway seeds (or crushed as my sister prefers)




1.     Mix in a big bowl honey, lemon juice, vinegar, garlic, minced shallot, oil, salt, cayenne, and caraway seeds. Adjust to taste (remember experiment, food is fun).


2.     Rinse kale in warm water, this helps wilt it slightly. Tear off bite-sized pieces of kale into the bowl of marinade, discard the stems. (If you have a good processor you can pulverize the stems in there and add to salad, waste not wants not! or use in a smoothie.


3.     Stir well to coat all the kale with marinade, use your hands it’s the easiest!


4.     Pack tightly into a sealable container (think Tupperware). Stuff it well so that the kale has no choice but to soak up the marinade.


5.     Refrigerate 8-18hrs.


6.     Add sprouted lentils, toss enjoy

I don’t remember the original author of this recipe…thank God for the Internet.

Sprouting: Rinse lentils and soak overnight. In the morning drain and rinse lentils again and place in a colander, shake and rinse at least twice a day for 1-2 days for sprouting. Don’t be intimidated by the time of sprouting etc. with this recipe! Once you make it you will be hooked, and it is full of so much good protein with the kale and the lentils. I have also found this to be very filling! If you don’t add sprouted lentils, I suppose you could use cooked it is a slightly different taste and texture. You can also substitute walnuts.

I hope you will consider adding this recipe to your holiday meals, you and your family or friends will be most happy you did. Not only will you be serving something yummy, but you will also be giving them the gift of health in something good for them!




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