Monday Musings… It’s in the wind

I am really trying to look at the bright side of the winter weather we are experiencing. I am one that likes the snow and if it is going to be cold, I want snow… but I am not so keen on the REALLY cold especially when accompanied by extreme wind. The positive thought I am choosing as I contemplate going to work today is that I know summer will come, unless I am in that old Twilight episode, some of you might get that! It’s weather it will change, and all I can do is change my attitude, so I choose joy! There done, enough of the weather report!

Let’s talk food and stuff! Yesterday I rushed around in the morning making my juice, getting my goodies made for the work week. I had in my head I wanted to put a lentil soup in the crock pot so I would have it for lunches… until I realized I only had one cup of lentils, back up plan, some kind of sweet potato soup was what went in the pot instead. At 11:00 I checked my e-mail only to find out the Upside down yoga work shop I was heading to at noon was cancelled. So I turned up the temp on the crock pot and decided to work on yoga homework and my cooking class.

While I was excited about the workshop, I was just as happy with the gift of the afternoon free. As I was working on my Rouxbe (cooking) homework, I thought of my “fail” in the kitchen of not having lentils. You see one of the assignments is “restocking” the kitchen for a plant-based lifestyle, and uploading a picture! Freak out moment for me really? Not that there need be any worry of meat in the fridge, or white flour and such in the pantry, but my kitchen is not that well-organized, my spices are a mess and I dream of a kitchen fairy who takes care of all this in the middle of the night. I did clean out the fridge…IMG_8713It’s really ready for more greens, but see paragraph one, I can tell you that as others rush to the store for milk and bread, I wonder if I have kale or other greens! Speaking of kale, that was one of our first assignments in Rouxbe, preparing simply and tasting kale 3 different ways and describing the experience, yes kale is king in the greens! 🙂 Okay back to my not so organized kitchen. I am hoping to work more on the cabinets, but first I think I need to get post it notes so I will know what cabinet I moved things to!

The other assignment I worked on was what they call the map of cooking. I watched a video were the chef described the map and how we decide what to make, making sure you have the ingredients, tools etc. One of the big things that hit me though was talking about recipes. In the age of internet we can google almost any ingredient and find thousands of recipes, but which one do you choose? How do you know it’s a good recipe? There are so many nuances to a good dish. We all know this from experience. I can remember calling my Mom for the recipe to devils food cake with caramel icing after college. I thought I could tackle it! Her response; there is no written recipe, what? How do I make it Mom?? So she gave me the estimates, and told me how to watch the caramel for the right texture. I made attempts to write it down, all the nuances. It was “okay,” not bad, but I knew it wasn’t like Mom’s. A recipe is a road map, but just like good directions sometimes you need landmarks to look for. Making a good dish is more like a journey not just a destination of the end product. I think that is part of the disconnect of our fast paced lifestyles. We just want the end product without taking the journey. I am not saying you need to spend hours in the kitchen, but it’s more than shoving a Twinkie in the mouth! I like recipes that give me hints of what something is supposed to be doing at different points, simmering, bubbling, smoothness, crispness etc.. I think you get my point. I also appreciate recipes that read almost like a good short story, here are the players, here’s the plot, here’s the action… here’s dinner! 🙂

So while I was waiting for my crock pot soup.. I got hungry and needed a little snack. I had left over gluten-free baguette bread and some avocado. So I toasted up the bread, spread a little avo on the bread, sprinkled with salt, pepper and a little South African Smoke (Trader Joe’s) or you could use crushed red pepper. Yummo!! I think I might have shared this one before, but as I made it on the baguette I thought it would be a great little appetizer or super bowl treat that was full of good fat, great flavor and soooo easy! Avocado’s get a bad wrap, did you know that an average avocado has 4 grams of protein in it? A good source of fiber, and vitamins too!

crunchy, creamy, spicy goodness!
crunchy, creamy, spicy goodness

I hope that you all stay warm and stay the journey of making good health choices. Oh and the soup, ya it turned out good too. After I re-write the recipe I will have to share it with you. I am looking forward to having some of that warm soup for lunch today!





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