Monday Musings… Braised chickpeas and spinach, I hope!

“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.”
3 john 2


The cursor is blinking at me to start typing however my mind is like that blackboard that stared at you in grade school and it was your turn to write the answer in front of the whole class. I have had enough time to think, but it’s as if the wind is blowing all the thoughts in my head as much as it is the snow outside, landing on none.
I do hope that you all survived the latest greatest snowfall of the season. I suppose the Lord thinks we still need time to be covered and quiet before we break forth into spring. I know that every season holds it’s own lessons and it is possible we have more to learn this winter, I know I do.
Yesterday I was looking for an empty journal, I miss writing on the page, but instead I was greeted with my large container of filled pages… my life. I sat and read through a few entries, which had me laughing, crying and realizing that God has brought me through much, and yet I know He isn’t finished with me yet.

The other thing that was apparent was that I really have always been crazy about food, my family is a big part of my life, and I have really tried to take care of this body I have been gifted, but also how much I abused it during dark days… again God is good.

I will spare you stories at this time, suffice it to say journaling really can do a soul good.
I spent some time in the kitchen last week with Rouxbe cooking and really enjoyed a dish that we made.
Coconut Braised Chickpeas with Sundried Tomatoes and Spinach
When you eat something that has complex flavors it’s easy to think that it will be difficult to duplicate, but it often isn’t, it’s learning how to layer the flavors! The other key is having all your “stuff” ingredients ready to go when needed in the recipe. I am enjoying the direction in Rouxbe and the encouragement to trust your inner chef! ;0

Today I need to tackle my yoga homework and hopefully work on Rouxbe, a girls gotta eat! The upcoming lesson is on batch cooking. I do some of this already, do you all? Do you take a couple hours in which you prep some food for the week? Cook up a big batch of rice, beans, or another grain to add and make dishes easy, healthy, and quick later in the week? Make up a big salad to last a couple of days at least? If you don’t I highly encourage it. Having the food somewhat ready to go, really keeps you on track with eating well and decreases the desire to hit speed dial to the closest pizza delivery. Your body AND wallet will thank you.

All the info I am sharing is here today, but will also be seen on the blog… no two writings today! It’s all here. Hope you all truly are doing well, and I would like to hear from you as to the progress or struggles you might be having with eating, living well during our long winter! Here is the plus I hope you all have noticed… the days are longer, spring is coming!

p.s. Rouxbe ask that we not copy their recipes, but when sharing, share the link so that is why I am presenting it this way! have a groovy warm day!


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