Monday Musings… Check back for tempting Tuesday!


“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.”

As I looked out the windows during Yoga training this weekend I saw bright sunshine, and much foot traffic walking and running the campus of UD. It was a most welcome sight, although I too longed to be out there with the masses!

It was a busy weekend, full of learning how to go upside down! Yes, upside down. Down dog, headstands, handstands, or simply taking the head lower than the heart, redirecting blood flow. Before I lead anyone astray, no I can’t yet stand on my head, or my hands, but I can get a little closer than I could a year ago.

There is great benefit in going upside down, and today I will challenge you with the simple redirecting of later when you feel a little sluggish. Sit in your chair and spread your legs, take a deep breath in and then bending at the waist let your upper body fall between the knees, and just breath her for a moment. Come up slowly on an inhale and just notice the difference. If you have hi blood pressure that is controlled you can do this otherwise, lets work on getting that blood pressure down before you go upside down!

Tomorrow I will be writing again to you with a great recipe to use possibly on Easter. Full of rich chocolate goodness!

So check back in, and in the meantime, breath deeply and welcome Spring and all the expectations it brings!



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