Tuesday Temptations… Chocolate Cream Pie!


As I sit here the sun is shining bright outside and I realize my choice for title today is most fitting.  First, I am tempted to eat chocolate pie for breakfast and I am tempted to forget the to do list and go outside and play all day!

Alas, I am all about trying to make good choices, and seek a little balance soooo, I chose chia seed mix for breakfast and I WILL go outside for some Vitamin D once a few items are crossed off the list and temp rises slightly for total enjoyment!

One of the to do/want list was to get a post out to my faithful friends who like to see what I have been cooking up lately. Last week I spent much time in the kitchen with Rouxbe task. Mixing, making, taking pictures submitting eating and having my taste buds kicked into high gear. One of the many task was making my own nut milk… why have I never done this? Anyway that’s another post.

The section I am camped in now is using meat alternatives such as tofu, tempeh, seitan. Honestly my friends, I struggle with this. I have had little success with transforming tofu into something I would go back to. A couple of years ago on vacation with the family I did whip up a great marinade that we made grilled tofu with, but it isn’t something I buy a lot of. So when faced with the challenge I picked the pie recipe for working with tofu. Seriously, you put chocolate with something and you can’t go wrong, right? Tofu is made from soy curd and originated in Japan. I watched an interesting video on the simple making of this sought after and often used food in Japan. It has no flavor of its own, so it takes on marinades well, savory and sweet, or used in unexpected ways such as a breakfast scramble, or even desserts. Why eat tofu? Protein, Vitamin E, and calcium are a few of the perks. So don’t count it out till you try it, and what better way to try it then hidden in a pie.

Easter is coming, and families will be gathering and who doesn’t like a little pie after dinner? This is one you could feel good about serving up, and you need not let anyone know that there is tofu in it! The crust is made with pecans and don’t omit the little kick of chipotle powder in a pinch you might sub a dash of cayenne, but the chipotle has a little more smoke flavor to it. Go for the dark chocolate chips too. I didn’t have enough, but I had some chocolate bar and used it up! Also my other sub was coconut sugar. Just so you know as they say in Rouxbe, a recipe is a template, turn on your cooking brain. Here is a pic of my set up, we have to do this for class 🙂

The players to the party
The players to the party

This pie really does come together so well, and quickly. You could even do the crust ahead and keep in fridge. After melting the chocolate it goes in with the drained off tofu into the food processor…. mmm, yum, chocolate!

coming together
coming together

I didn’t have a pie pan so I used my spring form pan which made the pie a little thinner, so I think the presentation lacks a little, and berries on this as an accent as shown in the Rouxbe recipe (included at the end of post) really is prettier, but the taste… oh the taste, really I wish you could reach your fork in and snag a taste.

finished temptation!
finished temptation!

I took a piece of this to my Dad and Mom who I was meeting at a local pub for dinner. Dad’s taste buds are a little off (thanks chemo/not), but I thought I would give it a try. He ate all but a few bites,  my Mom was able to snag! He liked it! I don’t even know if he knew he was eating tofu, but it made this health nut daughter so happy to know her Pa got some good protein and dark chocolate that has cancer fighting antioxidants! win, win! This pie also received rave reviews from my yogi friends this weekend! This is a keeper for sure!

My recommendation is just don’t tell anyone what’s in it until after (of course unless there is an allergy). The creaminess of the chocolate, the sweetness of the nut crust and that little hint of heat makes each mouthful a dance on the taste-buds!

So I hope that I have managed to tempt you into making this treat! While this is a healthier version of a dessert, it is still a dessert and should be savored as such… and maybe a bite for breakfast!




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