Monday Musings… dipping is a sweet thing!

beautiful... and no beer for this girl... being goofy!
beautiful… and no beer for this girl… being goofy!

I am a little late in posting my blog this Monday. Speaking of the blog, I suppose I should have done a drum roll about a month ago as I have posted over 100 times here. I know, doesn’t sound like much to some bloggers, but for this recovering, well trying to, procrastinator that is something to celebrate!

Speaking of celebration… today is my niece Olivia’s birthday, sweet 16! This is the most recent pic I have here on the computer! This girl is like any growing teen, although she eats her fair share of fruits and veggies, she likes sweets and MEATS! ahhh lol, I love her anyway and one day I may win her over. She once blogged for me, and if you go back, you may enjoy her wit!

May kicks in birthday’s for me, and in the next couple of months I will also celebrate finishing my yoga teacher training and my classes on Rouxbe! Lot’s going on, but all good. At training this weekend, we did a little vision boarding, aka cut and paste therapy, dreaming. Influenced by the magazines on hand this was my vision board:

Vision board!
Vision board!

Not quite sure what it says about me, but I am pretty sure no one else had as much food, or a picture of a dark beer being poured into a mason jelly jar!

Okay, enough of the family and update on the weekend, let’s get to the sweet stuff! As I shared last week a friend of mine had asked me to help make some snacks for an open house she had a couple of weeks ago. She told me about a 2 ingredient sweet fruit dip her daughter- in- law had made. That sounded great to me, so I made it… well, that and I increased the dip ingredients by a couple. Still super easy, and has been a huge hit… so much so that I have failed to take a picture!! Needless to say as spring moves into summer and things heat up we all need a quick recipe for picnics and what better way to get more fruit eaten than serving up a dip with those apples!

Coconut Date Dip

1 can full fat coconut milk

8 oz. package of dates pitted

1/4 – 1/2 teas almond extract (can sub vanilla)

pinch of salt

Place all ingredients in food processor or high speed blender and mix till desired consistency.

I told you it was easy! This makes a lot, but will keep well for about a week in the fridge. I was thinking that if you froze it, it might be like an ice cream treat. Worth a try!

So there you have it a no excuse to I don’t have time for a little extra to put with that fruit. You could even use it to make a parfait! Use your imagination and get dipping!



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