Monday Musings… Summer goodness


Two weeks ago craziness was happening at my Mom’s as all the grandkids were around for VBS.  This was one of the little faces that kept us busy, Nova Joy aka Rainbow as she has informed me she likes to be called. Love my family!

Nova Joy... being a unicorn!
Nova Joy… being a unicorn!

There was slip and slide, multiple trips to the store to feed this crew, watching thunderstorms from the garage, playing in the rain, swimming, euchre, uno… well you get the idea. Oh and somebody turned 7, ya Tori!

She likes helping, little sous chef!
She likes helping, little sous chef!

I asked her if she wanted a birthday cake, and she said no, her Mom was going to make her a blue velvet cake, funny, not sure what a blue velvet cake is, and I know my sister likes to stay away from too much sweets and such, and this girl, she’s my veg eater. I had to make her a cake!

Watermelon... as cake!
Watermelon… as cake!

So we had watermelon, as a cake. I was happy with how this turned out and really anyone can do this! just cut off the top and bottom of a watermelon, carve off the sides and add other fruit with toothpicks. I used regular cookie cutters to make the shapes! It was a hit with all, and a lot easier than I thought. This was our 3rd watermelon of the week and it was only Thursday.

Watermelon is definitely a sign of summer, although I miss the little black seeds and having contest to see who could spit said seeds the farthest. Watermelon is a great treat, but also good for you. The water content is great for added summer hydration, not to mention being a wonderful source of Vitamin A, which is good for the skin, eyes and immune system and of course it is low in calories, so don’t worry if you eat a whole one! lol!

One of my favorite ways to enjoy this summer treat is making it into a tasty cooling beverage.

the players
the players

It’s best to freeze for a little bit, a bunch of cubes of watermelon, 1 1/2 cups worth or so. Juice of 1 lime, a dash of sea salt and some mint. If your watermelon is lacking enough sweetness for you, you can always add a touch of stevia or honey. Blend this all up, adding a touch of water if needed, but not too much you want it slushy, pour and enjoy!  You can tweek this to your liking, but I am telling you this is one refreshing summer drink! This mix can also be used to make popcicles. Don’t freeze the watermelon first and just blend the ingredients again play with combinations, or add blueberries before pouring into molds, so many healthy options!


So this was my cooler, that I sipped on sitting in the sun, while I finished up studying outside this past Saturday when the sun was warm, the breeze was cool and life was good.  I hope you will try drinking some watermelon this week, and enjoy the summer… because guess what the year is half over! In the blink of an eye! Oh and hug someone today, share the love!

Birthday fun
Birthday fun



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