Monday Musings… To you Pop’s

Daddy and carrot juice faces!
Daddy and carrot juice faces!

This blog is mostly about food, but the tag line states faith, food, family and fun. Well today it is about family, in particular a little about my Dad, Daddy, Pop’s. Pawpaw to his grandchildren, Jer to my Momma, brother to 11 and friend to many. Pop’s “checked out, went home, the plug was pulled” on August 13 at 3:20 a.m. Those references were phrases Daddy quickly found out he shouldn’t use toward the end of his life around the medical community. In short his failing earthly body ran out of steam and now he lives with no pain, no cancer, two good eyes and the light that was my Dad (pun intended as he was an electrician) shines even brighter as he sees Jesus face to face.

His crazy legacy
His crazy legacy

This picture is from Turkey trot last year. Part of his legacy, these faces, these lives, my brother, sisters, their kids all touched by a life lived simply. He was never what the world would consider a rich man, but oh rich he was. Dad was a worker, but he also liked his naps, his TV time, and he knew trivial facts about a lot of things. He liked to read, and he liked to geocache and be outside. He often said that he wasn’t ready to lay down yet, so why quit doing things. I found out at his visitation and celebration of life service, just how much his life touched other people. He worked with the Montgomery Co. Courts in the Reclaiming futures program, as a mentor, Helping Hands in Miamisburg, worked the prison ministry Kairos, served in the Emmaus community and could be found snow blowing driveways randomly in the neighborhood. He would tell me stories about the young boys at drug court from broken homes, or bad turns and he would say he himself was often probably one step from being in their shoes when he was younger.

I am not saying my Dad was perfect, far from it… but he was redeemed. You see once God got a hold of him, he became a different man, a man on a mission to not waste the gift he was given. I think if he could say one more thing to me, it would be just that; don’t waste what God gave you, use it to show love, to be love… yep that was Pa.

Playing in the rain
Playing in the rain

He would tell me, and you… enjoy the daily little things, look for God in the moment, look for love, look for chance to be the answer to someones need. This picture is from Easter and a spring rain. None of the kids were out there and Pa went out and started splashing.

Live in the moment, the simple everyday moment and make it count.

to you, Pa
Cheers to you, Pa

Pop’s used to say “I drank a lot of cheap beer when I was younger, now I have one or two good beers.” That pretty much sums out how he learned to live life too. He learned to value what mattered in life, to stay alert to the moments that he might be a light and love to someone in need. To him we say thanks for being our light (and fixing the lights) in our life. Thanks for living simply, but oh how rich a man you were/are with all that you have left behind to carry on your legacy.

I love you much Pop’s


…let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…

hebrews 12:1


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  1. Greg says:

    This is beautiful Debbie. Thank you for sharing about a life well lived. “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21

    1. zebveg says:

      Thanks Greg. I know your heart ache’s too for the loss of a friend, and go to electrician!

  2. Susie Lawson says:

    Perfect.. what a legacy of faith and redemption, legacy of fun and adventure, and a life well lived….

    1. zebveg says:

      It’s a start Susie… so much more could be said, as you all to well know! Thanks for all your prayers and support and hopefully we can toast our Dad’s together soon!

  3. A beautiful word portrait of your Dad’s life! This German proverb sums up what the way your Dad did in his daily life while I knew him: “Begin to weave and God will give you thread.”
    God’s blessings, comfort,and love in abundance to each of you,

    1. zebveg says:

      Thanks so much Bonnie

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