Time, what about it?


How many times have I started a journal entry or even a post here remarking about time… how it moves quickly, slowly, how FB or other “things” can be time “robbers.” How about the fact that this is the first post in 2015? Time is here, it’s where we live, and all I can say is in my absence here, I have been living a lot, eating more and trying to find the balance I talk about so much and the balance we all are chasing after. One thing I can say for sure, I miss writing, sharing. So let’s see if a can make a come back! 🙂IMG_3557I just got back Sunday from celebrating with my family my oldest nephew Will’s graduation from University of Tennessee in Chattanooga! A great weekend for sure, but I could be anywhere with this gang and we would find fun! Special treat for me was the fact that Will took us to Sluggo’s a local Vegan eats! So fun to be in a place where looking at the menu was easy for me and tricky for the rest of the crew… but everyone liked what they had! Yummo!

Tori and I doing a little yoga
Tori and I doing a little yoga

Speaking of yoga, I went on a yoga retreat in February to Costa Rica!

our last night
our last night

The week was beautiful, the time away was good… but honestly I could have used another week to really renew, revive, and refresh my soul. A lot of praying, and slowing down with yoga  have been really healing to me in the last months. You see I am still trying to figure out what to be when I grow up, what it’s like not to have my Pa around and how to possibly “launch” into business!IMG_2688

Maybe it’s time to dig out the Power Point, start sharing again, teach more yoga, talk and share more food, do “nursing” in a new and healthy way!

Oh and of course there is the food! This is just a sampling of my batch stuff I do for a week of work, fun, and eating well in the midst of it all! Notice the salad is center stage! I can never get enough of my greens, not to mention having a bag of rice and stash of beans or soup to grab for ease! Cutting up veggies and bagging them ahead, makes for fast food.

prep day for the week ahead
prep day for the week ahead

Yep, with my new-found wheat allergy (did I share that?) Finding a good crust is high priority, but I really like this home option of Food for Life rice tortilla, this one has my white bean humus as sauce, and well, yes salad on top! In the oven on my pizza stone at 400 for 20 minutes and yummo!

Salad pizza!
Salad pizza!

So what about time? Does time heal all wounds, is there a “perfect” time for this decision, or that? I don’t know that I have any answers, I do know that we shouldn’t waste time. I have done that enough in my life, or did I? Ya, but I am learning. Time is the moment right now. Time is the choice you make to enjoy the moment, and maybe the moment will become a memory, and you will have time to reflect on that memory, when you spent a lot of time, making a life worth counting.

Don’t waste the gift, share it, live it and while you are at it, live it well… Eat real food, enjoy the sunshine, and at the end of the day say a prayer of thanks for the moments in time that shape who you are!





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