It’s a New Year, why not?

“I have made reservations for us at ______, for New Years, I hope you will go.” He assured me that they had “things” I could eat as he had explained that there were dietary needs in his group. This was a text I got from my friend a few days before New Year. My mind first went to what is on the menu, can I find something on a special menu to eat.

As a vegetarian I always could. As a vegan, it might be a little trickier, but places were getting better. As a Whole Food, Plant Based veghead… well, but add in a wheat allergy, and going out can take on all new creative challenges. Not wanting to be a “wet blanket” I quickly googled the menu and had to laugh. Yes there were vegan/vegetarian options, yes there were GF options, I mean steak is GF! There was not an all in for me. Again I would be “that” person at the table asking if this can be left off, if there is another option, if…  I am getting used to this, but honestly there are times it is just tiring, and eating that big salad at home is so much easier! But I am a foodie. I like to get out and see what people are eating, and it was New Years!

IMG_4672Impressive, and believe me the eats were good. They were more than accepting of my questions, and making changes. The disclaimer here is that I had already made the choice that I would probably eat dairy, and while I really try to opt out of oil/butter, there would be no denying it would be in this food… and I would possibly eat fish! Dare I say any of that as I claim to be a Plant Based foodie? YES, because I am not legalistic, but believe me these things are NOT my everyday by any means.IMG_4671Spinach soup with roasted oyster! I can’t tell you the last time I had one of those. IMG_4673This was the highlight for me. Grilled Radicchio salad… I didn’t eat all the shaved parmesan, but close! So yummy, and so adaptable to a Plant Based diet.

IMG_4676Isn’t my Momma pretty?! We were all feeling pretty full when the main course was served, but on we went. The risotto was good, I wanted to taste the ginger more, I thought the dish was a little to “one color” too, but I digress and my food critic is coming out too early!

IMG_4677I couldn’t eat the pastry dish, so they gave me more cheese… no thanks, and spiced rosemary nuts… yummo!IMG_4679This final sip/dip billed as Dave’s drinking caramel! Oh my, can you say sweeeeet! The chocolate truffle was melt in your mouth, and thank God, really for that slice of apple!IMG_4680One of the best bites of the evening, dark chocolate truffle dipped in the caramel … that is black salt around the rim, nice touch to the sweet!

Now the hard stuff. I suppose with all my research, and how I eat daily, I have become a bit of a food “critic.” Good and bad, especially if you are dining with me. I am always thinking how can this be healthier, or better. Often times the addition of oil, can be too much and overwhelming the flavor of an item. The cooking technique might not bring out the great flavor of a veggie, but squelch it. I realize that my taste buds have changed, and maybe that is why I notice these things and others don’t.  Sweet stuff!  WOW, ya I was never much of a dessert person, so this final sip was good, but after the meal I am not sure how anyone finished it off.

I enjoyed the dinner, really. What I took away, is that I am blessed with good friends, a beautiful Momma and I am glad I choose to eat the way I do. I don’t feel like I am missing out, deprived, well I do miss bread sometimes. I am also glad I don’t hold the reins to tight so that on a special night, I might try a few things. I also learned that my body is not accustomed to such rich food! As the ball dropped, and a New Year began, I had a killer headache. I don’t get those much and I could only conclude it was probably the sugar. What this tells me is that so many people “live” in a state of unwell and don’t realize it because they eat a lot of these things daily. I also realize that so many people don’t know what real whole foods taste like because they are always covered up with maybe too much sauce, or overcooked.

So for 2016 I will continue my resolve to help people make better choices daily for their health and wellness. Who wants to join me?


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