I’m still here, still passionate about real food, real life, Mind, Body and Soul


There are days were I question “why do I still want to help people look at food/health differently?” Can’t I just live my life eating my plants, working on living healthy, and well everyone else can find their own way? Guess not. I go to the grocery and I am saddened by the abundance of “food products” in carts of un-healthy looking shoppers. Notice I didn’t say overweight, some are, others just look tired, slumped over their carts of non-food, glazed eyes, pale face, almost like a cow being led through the shoot to, well, you get the picture.

So back to it I am. Not that I have ever really stopped trying to share the message of eating to live, to fight disease, to gain health. Anyone who spends longer than 30 minutes with me, the subject will come up in conversation, however more times than not, I am not the one who does the “bringing up.”

This past weekend I had the privilege of sharing my thoughts on wellness, Mind, Body and Spirit at Parkview UMC to some wonderful people who obviously want to take control of their health.

yes to veggies!
REAL FOOD, is medicine, not processed food like substances with words on the package: natural flavors, or fortified “with”. We served up real food as pictured here by my wonderful sous chefs aka Momma Joyce and Greg. Salad and Zuch noodles 2 ways. One of my favorite comments at the end of the workshop was “I feel full and satisfied, but not like I have brain fog!”

Looks like I am cheering for “team Kale” which is entirely possible. I did share how to strip and dress Kale in record time to enjoy a quick Vitamin, protein packed Kale Salad in less than 10 minutes.

Of course much was discussed about the top diseases that really can be reversed or avoided by making the choice of what you put on the end of your fork.


As I shared the day of the workshop, Honestly I just want people to stop putting chemical food stuffs into their body. Eating real food brings health and wellness, chemical eating and drinking only brings illness and disease, and then we throw more chemicals at the body and pretty soon you have a lab experiment gone wrong in your body leading to what they call a chemical *&%$ storm… you remember the time in High School Chemistry class when the beaker exploded, green clouds emerged and foul odors seeped out under the closed door? I digress…

IMG_6589All’s well that ends well some wise person once said. We ended well, how can you not when chocolate is involved!? Dark chocolate cream pie with pecan, chipotle crust! I shared how honestly, for me it had to start with renewing my mind. I had to view taking care of this albeit temporary body, as a gift from God, one to be cherished and used wisely. Once I started thinking differently, that I truly deserved health, mind, body and spirit, I could get on with the business of restoring all the damage I had done. Food is fuel, and REAL food taste good, try it, you may be surprised how your mind, body and spirit all respond. My body was made to move, and move well it will when fueled and loved. My spirit needed work too. Prayer, study and God time keeps me going. Sitting in silence and breathing in all that has been given to me, and letting go of baggage that has no place in this journey of life do me well to travel lightly through life.

A journey it is too. Like all good journeys there are many turns, hills, valleys and at times a breakdown, side trip, or detour. Having a good compass, open mind, plenty of water and patience are good things on this adventure of life.

How about you? How is your life’s journey?







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