Resolutions, Goals, it’s day 3! How’s that working for you?

Legs up the wall, try it, your body and mind will thank you and you will sleep much better

I have never been one to really “do” resolutions, literally! Yes, there were years I sat down and wrote them out, or shared them with other people, because of course that is what the experts tell you to do, share, have accountability, easier not to fail…

Day 3 hits, and it hits that your goal to get up each morning and pray, be thankful, exercise, pack a healthy lunch was skipped because you hit the snooze alarm a few times. That smoothie you made is still on the counter as you rush off to work and wonder if your socks match!

Life happens, but does that mean we stop setting goals? As old man time ticked down the last few moments of 2016, I was pondering how many people were  “over” 2016 I wondered what would be different about 2017 for them? For me? I realized that I wasn’t quite were I thought I would be at the end of 2016. Then I had to ask myself why? What part did I play in the misses, the failures, the success? What did I do with the time I was given to accomplish dreams, to let go of negativity? Then came even harder thoughts, do I just give myself a pass, make an excuse or 2, or was I going to own it? 

I chose/choose to own it. My R3 Wellness “business” (whatever that looks like) didn’t grow more, because I didn’t invest enough time in it. I didn’t spend more time with friends because I didn’t pick up the phone, or really work to make that connection, making the excuse that at least we connect on FB! I didn’t read those books on the shelf, because I was on screens.

2016 had its challenges for all of us, and while I didn’t hit the mark on a few things, I at least started to get out of the boat, stick my toes in the water. I think my greatest success of the year was really trying not to let others steal my joy/peace. The peace and joy that doesn’t make sense in this crazy world. Joy even in the hard stuff as I cried for friends who had to say good bye to those they love. I tried to keep perspective on this is not my forever home, and until God calls me home or comes back, every year I will put counting it all joy on my list of goals for the year.

Sounds simple, and it can be, we let life get complicated by comparing ourselves to others and in this age of social media that is an even bigger challenge. Just remember, you are uniquely and wonderfully made, you aren’t supposed to look, or be like someone else. The world needs you!

Here are a few of my goals for the year, a few I will accomplish/complete. Others are lifelong, some might be considered “failed” come 2018, but at least I tried. If you know me and see me, ask me how I am doing, I can use the accountability.

  • Read 10 books
  • Memorize Psalm 139
  • Make more of my own recipes… and remember to write them down
  • Journal /write more
  • Spend time with people I like/love and even some I don’t! lol
  • Exercise more
  • Volunteer more
  • Loose 10#s… I had to put it on there, we all say it!
  • De-clutter

Whatever your thoughts are on resolutions, goals, it’s good to have them it gives us a compass. Just because at the end of the month you notice you aren’t on track, doesn’t mean you just stop/quit, get back on course, follow that dream, be all that you were created to be… Oh the places you can go when you follow the course.

P.S. I cleaned out 2 cabinets and did a spin class today!



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