What get’s you out the door?


I needed to read my own advice today as the snow is softly falling and all I think I want to do is snuggle up and read. Shortly I will throw on the workout clothes and head to a spin class. I might even have to bundle up later and enjoy some time in the frigid temps in this beautiful snow! Just do it!


Yesterday I procrastinated a run. The sun was bright but the temps registered between 28-30 degrees brrrr. Usually I don’t mind running in the winter, but my lame excuse yesterday was that my toes were already cold! No I don’t wear cotton socks, smartwool or icebreaker for this girl. In all honesty it was just another lame excuse!

So what was it that got me out the door today? Determination? Guilt? That inner voice that reminds me of the benefits? Innate desire to endure the breezy cold winter day? The slight jiggle in my step, where did that come from? 🙂IMG_4625

Maybe it was remembering my last run with my sister Cindy on New Years Eve. That’s us in the picture after our run in the hills of TN. Until last year my sister would say that running was absolute craziness! Yea, that’s her and she has done a half…

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