Monday Musing, Making it work


Life gets busy, you wonder if anyone is listening to the message you are trying to send, but if you don’t speak at all how will anyone know?

In an age of instant gratification for almost every need, there can be a lot of “noise” which voice do you listen to? Which commercial with the greatest message will win your business? The arena of diet, lifestyle is no stranger to this. There are so many “diets, magic potions, and promises” to win you for better health, a sleeker body a more alert mind, so why is my message any different? If you have read me at all, there probably is a post talking about how really there isn’t “anything new under the sun.” Actually what works best for optimal health, is quite simple and there in lies the “rub,” if it is so simple how can it truly work? Does it really work?

The short answer is every day choose to eat more veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts, legumes, as close to their original out of the ground/tree outfit. Drink more water. Move your body actively, with purpose raising that heart rate safely. Pray/meditate each day. Get outside in the sun for 20 min (Vit D), get Vit B12 supplement.  Simple, no magic potions.  A good foundation always supports a well-built house!

Start simple. Smoothies are a go to, and I have blogged about them before. I usually take a couple of hours early in the week to batch up smoothies, make a big salad, cook up some grains, and maybe beans. All this to be prepared to eat well and with as little effort as possible for a busy week ahead.

Making Smoothies and bagging them up and freezing them is such an easy way to make sure I get my greens, and some fruit in. I’m going to share with  you my basic “recipe” because really when you are talking smoothies, a recipe really is just a guideline. Work with what you have, and your taste.


GREENS: Spinach/Kale at least 2 cups worth in mine or more, leaves of basil to taste about 5

FRUIT: 1/2 to 1 banana, 1 cup berries

VEGGIE: Red beets 1/2 cup

GRAIN: 1/4 cup oats (optional for staying power)

2 TBS flaxseed 2 teas. turmeric


Bag up a few of these, put in freezer and pull them out in the morning. Place in blender add water (coconut water is an option too) mix up and you are ready to go.

Most of my smoothies I add flaxseed and turmeric to them. For inflammation and to keep “Arthur” under control  aka arthritis, this has been working well for me, the flaxseed gives me good Omega 3, making my heart happy!

So you see, this is an easy way to make mornings smoother, get it!? lol, anyway mix it up try peanut butter, a little bit of cocoa, banana, spinach and almond milk!

Keep it simple and you win!




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